Kim Kardashian Irate Over Turkish Cosmo Cover

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly very upset that a photo of her was used on the cover of Turkey's edition of Cosmopolitan magazine this month.

Her objections stem from her Armenian heritage.

It is a widely-held belief that Turkey was responsible for acts of genocide against the Armenian people in the early part of the 20th Century.

Kim Kardashian Turkish Cosmo Cover

Kim Kardashian, an Armenian-American who has been vocal about the genocide, did an international photo shoot recently that went to various magazines.

That included several owned by Cosmopolitan, but she didn't know it would end up on the Turkish version of the mag, and she's quite upset about this.

Sources say Cosmo let Kim's people know which international outlets of the magazine would use her picture, but never mentioned Turkey to Kim or her reps.

Kim would not have approved the use of her pic in the Turkish version, according to sources close to her, and it's particularly upsetting this time of year.

April 24, which happens to also be Easter Sunday this year, is the day Armenians commemorate the genocide, and comes just weeks after this release.


Its funny how Kim 'claims' to be proud of her Armenian heritage but has had so much platic surgery to make herself look more caucasian. When Kim 1st appeared on the scene a la Paris Hilton days and when her sex tape 1st leaked she was so pretty and you could see her fathers strong Armenian genes in her. Now she has had so much work done she doesnt look anything like she used to. She has aged herself and made herself look like a mutated puppet of her former self.


@ Baby K loooolllll!!!
For all the people calling baby k a hater come on that post was funny as hell - there is also a lot of truth in it!


This is why I have grown to dislike the Kardashians ie Kim, she poses for these pictures and then moans afterwards like those nude shots she compalined about last time. At the end of the day Kim has a contract and is paid by the magazine to have her pictures splattered on the covers, her contract would clearly state where and what locations cosmo would distribute. Either Kim needs to get her pimp whore mother to read these contracts carefully or Kim needs to stop complaining about her photoshoots. Or better yet Kim dont pose at all - problem solved


I get that she's upset, but... COME ON. You're on the cover of a magazine! With a fantastic picture! Chill out and accept the love!
Also, @Baby K; Someone's been spending a liiiiittle too much time hating Kim Kardashian and not enough time doing something with their life... Just sayin'...


I hate kim k, but the person people me really needs to get a life.get out the computer obviously are obessed with hating's quite creppy you know all that.


Baby K.....can you say B**ch? Because that's what you are. If you hate her so much, why do you know so much about her? I'm actually a fan of her and I didn't know some of that crap you were rampling on about, probably because you made it up. What you say on here isn't gonna do a thing to change the way she is so quit your B**chin' and get over it.


I believe that someone called Kim and told her to act mad. What I don't believe is that she understands why. I believe even less that she would care.

Candice hanscel cleavenger

@BABY K......LMFAO........ NICE......


@ Baby K...WOW can you hate her more? And then name yourself after her with a toddler-like approach to all of your whining...Baby K!!!


@crystal a genocide is the killing of a large group of people,like what the nazis did in WWll.

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