Kim Kardashian Irate Over Turkish Cosmo Cover

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly very upset that a photo of her was used on the cover of Turkey's edition of Cosmopolitan magazine this month.

Her objections stem from her Armenian heritage.

It is a widely-held belief that Turkey was responsible for acts of genocide against the Armenian people in the early part of the 20th Century.

Kim Kardashian Turkish Cosmo Cover

Kim Kardashian, an Armenian-American who has been vocal about the genocide, did an international photo shoot recently that went to various magazines.

That included several owned by Cosmopolitan, but she didn't know it would end up on the Turkish version of the mag, and she's quite upset about this.

Sources say Cosmo let Kim's people know which international outlets of the magazine would use her picture, but never mentioned Turkey to Kim or her reps.

Kim would not have approved the use of her pic in the Turkish version, according to sources close to her, and it's particularly upsetting this time of year.

April 24, which happens to also be Easter Sunday this year, is the day Armenians commemorate the genocide, and comes just weeks after this release.

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Kim needs to get a restrainging order from Babyk. I think she could be a potential stalker. Watch out Kim!!


I just want to say Kim is blessed. I don't know if she realizes that she would be hurting if her dad wasn't a lawyer and Kris didn't marry Bruce. She's really not all that smart. She reminds me of Marylin Monroe.


Although many have different thoughts of Kim, as well as all the Kardashians they do seem to have the public light on them at this time. Possibly Kim feels that she is speaking for others when her picture shows up in other media fields that she is not made aware of beforehand. Personally I like the family and think that they have let all of see inside of their family and how they behave, which most families would never agree to do. It is refreshing when others put down their guard and say "Welcome to the Rest of the World."


Oops, I lost the K, I meant to type Baby K, I love your post, not Baby, I love your post. Anyway, I was addressing you, Baby k. Funny post and I love it.


Baby , I love your post. It's hilarious. you'll notice that the people complaining about it don't have anything amusing or creative to say themselves. They're probably jealous because you're at least clever enough to write something original and entertaining--not to mention spot-on. I mean, really, are we supposed to believe that this self-absorbed media pig actually objects to being on the cover of any magazine in the world? This Kim woman would almost certainly be delighted to appear on the cover of "Ear Wax Weekly."


Baby K ,soo true her own sisters say she's a compulsive liar and that she's obsessed with everything JLO.Kim Hodashian is not real one bit an it's funny how some people like all that fakeness.


The broad is as dumb as a brick, and has to be told how to think, and what to say.


LOL Baby K-too funny but way too much time obsessing about someone you hate, no? Damn I hate her too but you spelled it out for sure!


Kim you lying whore u still would have posed on the cover had u known it was gonna be sold in Turkey. Kim would pose in a pile of blood soaked tampons if it meant more media coverage and more attention for her


Wow baby k- you seem alittle obsessed, no? I mean, you wrote a short story! Creepy. I don't think that she's irate at all. I think she knew up front & that she likes any/all publicity. I'm confident that she never even knew anything about Armenian genocide, and if she did, would still have done the cover.