Kim Kardashian Hypes Hypothetical Wedding

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Contrary to what the following magazine cover states, Kim Kardashian is not marrying Kris Humphries this year.

But the reality star is doing what she does best in an interview with Life & Style: talking about her personal life in hypothetical, vague terms in order to make headlines for no valid reason whatsoever.

The latest case in point: her eventual wedding to... somebody.

Kim Kim Kardashian Life & Style Cover

"I've envisioned the whole thing," Kim says. "I already know what my gown is going to look like. I've thought about it all for so long... What woman hasn't thought about her wedding since she was a little girl?"

Very few. But not many would land a tabloid cover story just for fantasizing about such an event.

A friend tells the publication that Kardashian wants to talk down the aisle in "a white strapless floor-length gown" designed by Chanel. She also wants a "big diamond ring." Shocking, we know.

Meanwhile, aside from nuptials, Kim is dreaming of a family. She says: "I think I'll name my kids with K's to keep the tradition going... I want.. three to five kids!"

God help each and every one of them.


i lov u kim....u r suuch a doll


will she eva stay in marriage? or she is jst looking for another publicity bcz they enjoy spotlifgt and unnecessary media attendation. dt family is sick and full of fake looking babarians no wonder they dont look alike


Boner Boner BOner Boner Boner Boner Boner Boner Boner Boner Boner Boner Boner Boner Boner Boner Boner Boner
I love you kim i swear on my dik that i do


Kim i admire u alot dat i neva a day wanted 2 miss ur show... Kip it up gal u ar best..


I was going to make a career out of being a Wedding Planner. Kim, I know you want to get married dand I think that is smart. But you are not ready obviously becasue for one you want to spend the rest of your life with Kris Humphries who obviously has mental problems. And a fience somewhere. I know about beautiful wedding, love, and how to make someone happy. And if you are after fame, or money, or someone on a really sucky basketball team, that is owned by a Russian (in case you didn't know that the Russians are the one's that called to kill all the Armenians) you will never be happy in life.


Youny adorable and talented lady,we wish you all the best,may god bless you.
From botswana,


Kim is a lovely talented lady....


I could give a shit how pretty she is a fucking bubblehead is about it!


I have mix feelings about Kim K. I like her cause she is pretty and she dresses very nice. But she has nooooo personality what so everrrrr. Sad but true.


Kim.You so gorgeous that i want your wedding gown embroided with golds and diamonds.Zappy marriage.

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