Kim Kardashian and Cosmo End Turkish Tussle, Join Forces For More Racy Photos

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Kim Kardashian is nothing if not forgiving.

Putting aside her problems with Cosmopolitan after they splashed her pic on the cover of the Turkish version, which offended the Armenian-American celebrity, Kim is not letting her "amazing relationship" with the magazine end.

In fact, she's doing a brand new shoot for it!

Kim Kardashian: Poser

Kim was irate at Cosmo for not getting permission to run the controversial cover, which hit newsstands in Turkey this month and hit close to home for her.

The country committed genocide against Armenians people nearly 100 years ago and still refuse to acknowledge this. Understandably, she was not a fan.

Nevertheless, her team and Cosmo talked stuff out Monday and Kim, who addressed the scandal and why it affected her, decided to bury the hatchet.

Hey, why hold a grudge if risk getting less exposure?



The so called genocide,is used by money hungery Armenians.Their only goal is to grab some money from Turks.During WW1 Armenians started killing innocent Turkish villagers in order to get the land.Armenians backed up by Russian army.Turks did not commit genoside.THey marched Armenians out of the country.PLease google"The thruth of the Armenian genocide"or you can read James Mccarty books,or just google it.


I disagree. Horrors of the past are hard to forget,even if they didn't directly affect you.Especially great matters like GENOCIDES.


@Hazy/Marie: Really? Wow, if genocide is not a big deal to you I can't imagine what is. It was a big deal, still is, and calling it nothing is disgusting. Nice attitude.


Wow, way to not stand up for an issue you claim to feel so strongly about Kim. She had a really good chance here to speak out and educate people (especially her younger fans who likely never heard about this) about this and maybe even gain a tad bit of respect for standing up and talking about something still so painful to so many people. But no, instead she makes a new deal with Cosmo for more pictures and more money for herself. Pathetic. For one split second while reading the first article about this I almost believed she really was going to stand up on this issue. But I guess offer her some cash and she can forget she was ever upset. Sad.


The genocide was 100 years ago and hasn't actually affected you DIRECTLY. Stop making a big deal out of nothing.


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