Kim Kardashian and Cosmo End Turkish Tussle, Join Forces For More Racy Photos

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Kim Kardashian is nothing if not forgiving.

Putting aside her problems with Cosmopolitan after they splashed her pic on the cover of the Turkish version, which offended the Armenian-American celebrity, Kim is not letting her "amazing relationship" with the magazine end.

In fact, she's doing a brand new shoot for it!

Kim Kardashian: Poser

Kim was irate at Cosmo for not getting permission to run the controversial cover, which hit newsstands in Turkey this month and hit close to home for her.

The country committed genocide against Armenians people nearly 100 years ago and still refuse to acknowledge this. Understandably, she was not a fan.

Nevertheless, her team and Cosmo talked stuff out Monday and Kim, who addressed the scandal and why it affected her, decided to bury the hatchet.

Hey, why hold a grudge if risk getting less exposure?



Turks must die


Damn. Whatever happened to old fashon hollywod. When everyone was famouse for a reason and dident let being that popular get to their heads and make them arrogent snotty stuck up brats.


This is exactly my problem with Kim, why even moan about it in the 1st place, Kim proves time and time again she has no substance or dignity - if the price is right and gains her more attention & media coverage she will do anything!


First of all wut is she standing up 4? When have u ever heard her praise Armenians other than 2 say that she is 1. All this was 4 was attention, n she got it n she got her money as well. N I think its time that we stop constantly hating, judging, n blaming! We live in the year 2011 n we need 2 mend n stop holding on 2 the past, because hate only causes more hate! Please can't we all just get along n most of all don't take advice on historic hatred from a money grubbin' hour who wud pose nude with Hitler 4 the right amount of cash!

Jennifer miller

I could've told you she wasn't going to back out of the cosmo deal. She's too money hungry to stand up for anything. All she does is complain all the time. And my advice to everyone is to stop reading her complaints.


I guess she only stands for something if it doesn't stand between her and her money. Wow, I lost what little respect I had for her, not that she earned alot of respect in the first place. Hey Kim, you have no backbone, your weak and a total waste of space if you can't use the "fame" you have to stand up for something bigger than your own a$$. We see your true colors, yellow for coward and green for money.


To Ignorant Boris..... get your facts straight my friend, it was the other way around. The Ottaman Empire did all the killing of innocent Armenians in their villages. Kim K may be a lot of things but being an Armenian myself, well, family members were killed and orphaned almost a 100 years ago (both my grandparents lost family members and were orphaned) so I don't think we're making it up. James McCarthy is a liar and he has no proof. Yes they marched them out of their own country and killed and butchered them along the way. Why would a whole race lie about such an abomination to mankind, really!!!!


Fake pictures and illustrations used for genocide allegations.Why armenians refuse to go to the The court of justice in Europa?Because they are liars!They refuse to open their files"even Turks offered them to open their files";Because they are liar,beggers.if they open their files the facts are not on their side.They want the easy way.They should stop slandering Turks.


God or no god we all we got babylove u looking beautiful as ever I love u
time to stop eating fish &style 2 protect from fallout rain
Lamar said trust ido we must stay true to what we do may 2011
more history 2big to fail 2 po to know hate will not help us grow look into there eyes they oneday may see love to japan from kim&ptah




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