Khloe Kardashian Pretends to Whine About Being Fat For Attention

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It's not easy being the "biggest" Kardashian. Khloe says being compared to siblings Kim and Kourtney can take its toll on her self esteem. Wahhh!

In the new issue of Us, Khloe Kardashian pretends she feels fat and insecure next to her older sisters while all three laugh all the way to the bank.

"They are 5-foot and 5-foot-2, so I look massive," says the 5-10 Khloe. "Everyone expects me to be 9 feet tall and 200 pounds [when they meet me]."

Tortured For Her Weight!

Her mom, Kris Jenner, criticized her weight in an episode of Khloe and Lamar. No wonder she's "struggled with weight since she was 8," a family friend says.

"She was always taller and she had much broader shoulders than her petite sisters."

Classmates and her mom's friends noticed that Kourt and Kim were skinnier: "I had older women tell me, 'You should work out,'" Khloe says. "It got to me."

Honestly. Does she expect anyone to care or even believe she's serious? Sorry, but the only thing being TORTURED here is the people who read this.

Khloe looks great, frankly, and she knows it, too. She just needs to spare us the sob story, go sell some QuikTrim and swan dive into a pile of money.

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Khloe is fat, everyone knows it, she knows it, Lamar knows it, her whole family know it, we all know it. She doesnt have the will power to actually do anything about it. Kim is fat as well, her ass and thighs are enormous. Kourtney is the most normal of the group, even though she is OCD lol


You guys are really starting to piss me off, how are you cussing down khloe saying she's fat and ugly and all other bullshit, at the end of the day your just hating, she's a fxcking size 6 for crying out loud, you don't need to be a size 0 to be beautiful, that's just unhealthy and one thing I can't understand is everyone is always cussing the kardashians for basically making a living(but to many they don't do shit), they desgin clothes, perfum and many other items just like many other celeb's, so just stop commenting hatefull things and keep it to your rarse selfs, the kardashians are very inspiring and NOT celeb hoe's that are just trying to have a good, healthy life for themselves just like anyone else would. KHLOE KARDAH is BEAUTIFUL !


khloe u look so go and I am a big girl and I love me and your man love u


All of the Kardashians are Gold Digging Celebrity Ho's. Kim looks like an over botoxed fake. Khloe looks like a transvestite. Kourtney is the only one who looks normal & has common sense. She's not running off & marrying her loser boyfriend Scott just because she has a kid. Hopefully, this useless show will be taken off the air soon.


Message to the public: i just want to say i think Khloe is a beautiful inspiration because i am actually 5'9 and around the same size as her(which is just right) and all my sisters and friends are all short and petite and it makes you feel gigantic sometimes and i honestly thought how could she be so confident and it made me feel even more weak and i wondered how she dealt with all that pressure and to see her have a breakdown in Khloe & Lamar s01e03 proves that she is only human and clearly the realest Kardashian kudos Klo your officially my favorite reality TV star :)


Klohe is a fat, disgusting, coal burning slut. She wonders why she can't have children.. hello, it's from all of those STDs thanks to all of the black men in your life. I want to puke everytime I see any of the Kardashians...


personally, all u fucks need to hop of khloes shit. all u ppl needa open ur eyes. khloe is not FAT, khloe is THICK. shes got an ass and titties and her man LOVES it. you guys are mad cause ur men want what shes got. so y dont u not worry about her and get on witcha own lives. khloe dont listen to these retarted ass ppl. ur mad pretty and u have a smokin body, ur not fat u dont have an uugly personality. if u really want my opinion, im just like u, we got fat asses nice titties, a freak in the sheets and we have trucker mouths. we swear and talk madddddddd dirty and dont even give a fuck! thats my girl. dont change not a single way of urs. your an awesome person... dead ass


She's spoiled, shallow, self centered, etotistical and disrespectful. Look at the pictures of herself on her office wall. She seems to think she's overweight and unattractive, but on the other hand, always trying to prove to herself and everyone else she's NOT. I don't understand WHY she or any of her family are on t.v. in the first place.


Khloe you are a very good looking women and you should be very Happy. with yourself you are very heathly.stop bicthing about are no way fat be thankful babe girl you have what some women ease off the fat jokes.


Khloe should not compare herself to her twig ass sisters!! Everyone is different and she should love who she is. Plus with her size, she can get away with being with a tall guy like Lamar and still kill it with the heals!! BONUS :)
Look on the bright side gurl!!

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