Khloe & Lamar Sneak Peek: When to Pop Off...

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Wanna get up close and way too personal with Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom? Tune in to their reality show premiere Sunday, April 10.

As teased below in a clip from the nauseating series, the married couple is trying to have a baby (despite Khloe's constant claims to the press that this is not the case). That involves an ovulation schedule, of course, about which Odom whines:

"I like to pop off spontaneously."

Check out the following sneak peek now and perhaps ask yourself: why do you care about two strangers that simply want to have a baby?


I like Khloe. She is the strongest w in the family. Give her a break yall gosh!


ugh. these two are just too gross with the pda and the baby talk voice she does, even her friend does it, its just icky. fake and weird. and they are both just large and too big to act so cutesy. No way will i watch this show, they are intolerable!


as much fame and fortune lamar has...he could do better than somebody who is using him for the money and fame he has. come on now they only new each other for a minute and they got married. who does something like that. in my eyes this is a publicity stunt. and watch in a year or two they will be broken up bc one of the cheated or they cant be with each other to make a baby. and if making the baby part is that difficult, why let everybody know. its only 15 seconds of fame.

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