Kendra Wilkinson: Peeved Over Hugh Hefner Wedding Snub!

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She's busy Dancing with the Stars. But Kendra Wilkinson has taken time to be angry at the old man.

The large-boobed reality star tells E! News she's "pissed off" because she hasn't received a Save the Date yet for his June 18 wedding to Crystal Harris.

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"I'm not joking," Kendra says. "If I don't get a save the date, I have another wedding to attend that same day... I'm getting kind of antsy because I need to pick which wedding to go to."

Is Hugh Hefner giving Kendra Wilkinson the kiss-off?

Kendra is directing her anger at Hef's bride-to-be more than the senior citizen himself. She says:

"Crystal that does the wedding planning. She's the girl! If she doesn't give me a save the date soon, I'm going to have to put in my save the date with the other wedding."

It's a good thing this other wedding is an imaginary threat. Imagine how snubbed the couple being used as a back-up plan would feel otherwise.


Lets see it starts with OJ then Tiger next and now Hank! Hmmmm are the blonde bimbo trophy girls gonna learn? when or at all?


How many women has Heff dumped,throughout the years.


i really wonder what this girls see in this Desiccated old man called Hefner. Kendra should stop blabbing and be grateful she landed that her husband co s she really didn’t serve that guy. She is just a bimbo like Crystal, who is fortunate to be engaged by her ex.


I believe Hugh favored the daughter over the sons, and really didn't try to do much for them. He liked women best. Hugh always married (bimbos) " for lack of a better word." They didn't understand finances. With Kim, he knew if they divorced while she had 2 minor children she could sue him for a lot of money. So he waited until both sons turned 18, than he filed for a divorce and threw them out of the house next door. He literally threw them out!!
This new bimbo better get a prenup that says she's entitled to something, or she'll waste a lot of years sucking up to some perverted, disgusting old man, just to end up with very little. He spent 50 years with women just like her. She cannot trick him out of money..


If I were Kendra, I could care LESS about getting invited to an ex's wedding ( for thats EXACTLY what Heff Is. She slept w/ him & had to date him while living in the playboy mansion just as all the other playboy bunnies). Kendra is married to a wonderful man & has a handsome son. Forget her non invite & live her life!


@freespirit114: Enjoy reading your opinions and comments,
The 411 is:
Hef and Kimberly were divorced in March of 2010. He became engaged to Crystal in Dec.of last year. Hef has been quoted as saying about his lengthy separation from Kimberly "I would have been happy to divorce her when we were separated, but she wanted to remain married or the boys". For a Playboy Playa, there is a level of respect for Hugh Hefner to honor such a request to stay married. His sons Marsten is now 20 and his youngest son Cooper is now 19.Kimberly received monthly payments of $40,000.00. while they were separated.


Kendra's overly indulged, self absorbed importance is mentally over rated!!


My question is when did Hefner get divorced from Kimberly? They separated many years ago but were still married even when the first and second team of "Girls Next Door" came and went. They were not a couple by any means but she was living right (literally) next door with their sons and he said he was not at willing to divorce her to marry someone else. Though I think he just knew that CA is a state where in the event of divorce any money made during the marriage is considered property of both parties and split 50/50 no matter who made it. Thats a lot of cash he'd have to fork over in a divorce. As for Kendra being snubbed for a wedding invite, whatever. She used him, he used her, they both know what the deal was. If he really cared that she was at his wedding he would have already insisted she be sent an invite, after all, his bride to be may be making the plans but he is the one paying therefore he's really the one in charge.

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