K-Wed: Federline to Marry Victoria Prince?

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Will Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince walk down the aisle since she's expecting? Probably not. Not really K-Fed's M.O. But he says he would "like" to.

"I want to get married," Fed says. "But I'll wait until I have the courage to propose."

Levi McConaughey

That's code for saying eh, we're just havin' a good time ... and a daughter this year.

"No wedding is in the works at all," the former wannabe rapper adds, to be clear.

Kevin did reveal that he and Victoria Prince intend to name their daughter Jordan. Interestingly, he once knocked up Charlie Sheen porn pal Kacey Jordan!

It will be the first child for the volleyball pro turned special ed teacher and the fifth (!) for Federline, who has two sons with the legendary Britney Spears.

He and ex Shar Jackson have a daughter Kori, 8, and son, Kaleb, 6. She's the one he left for Britney. Dude is nothing if not upstanding ... and fertile.

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Guess they are doing the right thing by getting married but he needs to find a JOB and get it together. Being Brittney's baby's daddy is not a job.


Kevin needs to grow up, get a job and marry Victoria, then he will deserve respect because at this point, he is nothing but a trashy joke, which makes Victoria Prince a trashy joke also.


Why is it that the males in the lower denominator of society, seem to have the most active and healthy sperm...FIVE kids from Federline. That should be declared a national disaster.

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