JWoww Accused of Attacking Tom Lippolis With Knife, Fireplace Poker in Drunken Fight

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Tom Lippolis is doing everything he can to tarnish JWoww's reputation.

First, he relentlessly tried to hawk pics of JWoww nude, only to be turned aside by a court order. Now he's accusing the Jersey Shore star of attacking him.

Not a kind of standard, run-of-the-mill attack like when she beats down Sammi in Seaside Heights, either. He's talking drunken knife-fight style!

Thomas Lippolis and JWoww

Tom alleges that on March 6, 2010, J-Woww got furious at him for taking a picture with a girl, and the argument escalated quickly and violently.

“Jenni was screaming really hateful remarks,” he says. “She told me, ‘You’re a jerk and you’re an a**hole!’ We were screaming at each other.”

From there, Tom says that JWoww - who's now dating Roger Williams - grabbed a “short steak knife,” and she STABBED him in the arm!

“My wounds resembled something out of one of those surgery TV shows - muscle completely cut and just hanging out of my skin,” he says.

He alleges that after he cleaned himself up, he ran into JWoww once more, only to have the large-breasted one come after him again!

“Jenni was holding the knife, with blood dripping off of it, in one hand and swinging a fireplace poker at me with the other," he recalls.

"I still have a hole in my elbow from where she impaled me.”

Tom says when he returned from the hospital, J-Woww didn’t even apologize. As for why he didn't call the cops after this alleged attack?

“She basically told me that I made her do it," he claims. "I should've gone to the police, but I wanted to guard her for some odd reason."

"I didn’t want to get her in trouble.”

Anybody believe Tom Lippolis' claims?

Don't get us wrong, JWoww coming at him with a red hot poker is something we can picture, but it seems far-fetched that it really happened.

Deborah walsh



Too bad she didn't finish the job. This guy is a pathetic leech.


your opening sentence of this article was fucking classic. "Tom Lippolis is doing everything he can to tarnish JWoww's reputation" WHAT REPUTATION?!?!?!?!?! This chick has no reputation cuz she gets payed to look more plastic as days go by.....PATHETIC.


Since march 6, 2010 and he's suddenly telling it now? Sounds so lame n fake to me. Oh, yes yes! Ah its u Tom?, now i knw u so why dnt u just go home, get into bed and sleep for a job well done? Dumb bozo


With all due respect, if this guy Tom was truly threatened by JWoww, I'm sure a police report would have been filed. Just another mooch trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. Though I believe whoever watched the show would know, it's one thing to move out of the place they had lived together, after their relationship was over .. It's a completely different thing when he left two innocent dogs to fend for themselves. He truly disgusts me. She should have brought him up on animal neglect.


You can tell by just reading it that it's complete BS./


maybe her name should be J POW
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Humm sounds like a typical nite at the Jersey Shores.

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