Justin Bieber is ... The Next Pele!

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In the life of every champion ... There comes a moment of truth ... Heroes will rise ... Stars will fall.

Showing that there is no limitation on greatness, Justin Bieber is branching out from singing sensation to soccer star in a new faux sports documentary.

The teen heart throb and burgeoning soccer great posted this Twitter video, titled “career change” and “The Next Pele Lol JK.” Dude has SICK moves!

From “Swag Films” comes The Next Pele. Watch it here ...


Footbal iz nt ur type jb


guess his jerk...i start 2 hate football bcuz of him...XOXX


Do Justin Bieber fans even know who Pele is? Once school gets out, anyone want to take bets on how many "I luv U Justin Bieber" posts we'll see here?


what are you doingright now

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