John Legend to Donald Trump: You Racist!

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John Legend not a fan of Donald Trump.

It's not The Donald's reality show or supposed ambitions to run for president in 2012 that have the Grammy-winning pianist pissed, either, but Trump's recent comments in which he persistently questioned President Obama's nationality.

"He needs to stop saying that racist bulls**t birther s**t," Legend told N.Y. Magazine. "Quote me please. He should be ashamed of himself. It's awful, really."

Tell us how you really feel ... both of you guys.

Trump said on GMA and The View that Obama's purportedly cloudy childhood fills him with doubt. He then produced his own birth certificate to prove a point.

Legend isn't the first star upset over this. Bill Cosby said on Today that "the only thing he's running is his mouth," and Bill O'Reilly even called Trump out.

What do you think of Legend's comments? Is Trump racist for questioning Obama's birth certificate, or is he just raising a sensitive, but important point?


Good God why does every little thing have to be about race just because an African American is involved?? I'm so sick of every white person that doesn't agree with pres. Obama being accused of being racist. Caucasians aren't the only race capable of being racist.


niggers, jews, spicks, chinese people STINK! I cant understand you with your ching chong and ching ching. cant understand you, get out of our country. WHITE POWER


I'm on the fence. Idk if he's actually racist, but at the same time, nobody's ever questioned the nationality of a WHITE president... I dunno. I do think Trump's an idiot though. Idiot? Very. Racist? Questionable.
if he runs for President and wins, I'm moving to Britain.


It's NOT an Issue. A bunch of political zealots deluding themselves does not a 'sensitive but serious issue' make. It's been proven several times over that the President was born in Hawaii. They're are a lot of people who think 9/11 was a US conspiracy, should we all pretend that it's a legitimate possibility or should we acknowledge reality and point out that their all morons. Donald Trump is pandering to the Republican base (the majority of which believe Obama is a secret-kenyan-muslim-socialist. Also, this would be the part where I question your journalistic judgement, but you write for a celebrity gossip entertainment site, so I guess that answers itself


Ok what i dont understand is that WHY is that any of donald trumphs buisness about barocks birth certficate! yes he is the first black preisdent! but who gave george bush any crap when he had all of us in dedt anyone HELL NO! barock is mixed his mom was white and his dad was like hawaian and black! and his grandma was white!!! ( i thinkk) so please know ur facts


Why does it always have to come down to race? Even if he was WHITE and born anywhere else EXCEPT the United States of America, it would STILL be an ISSUE!!!

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