Jessica Simpson Sets Up Prenup, "Bonus Plan" For Eric Johnson Before Wedding

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It's good to be Mr. Jessica Simpson, but not THAT good.

Don't get us wrong. Eric Johnson, who will wed the singer/designer this year, worked out a prenup that guarantees him some cash, and he gets to put it to Jessica Simpson in the meantime, so he's living well. Just not THAT well.

According to sources, Jessica's billion dollar brand is being closely guarded, and Eric's compensation if they ever split up will work out as such:

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Picture

BIG WINNER: Eric has some serious assets now. Look at those.

"Eric is on what you might call a vesting plan," said an insider.

"He'll get $500,000 as a wedding present. Then, each anniversary, he'll get another $200,000. If he and Jessica make it to five years, he'll get an additional incentive $500,000 bonus - and a $1 million bonus if they make it to 10 years."

On second thought, he's doing DAMN well. Of course, if he's gonna be married to her 10 years, he'll probably stay married to her, so it's moot.

You have to wonder, though, what Jessica is really protecting here. Is she guarding her own fortune, or essentially paying him to stay married?

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this is silly to put it nicely!! I would not offer a dime to "stay" married. If paying his bills and living the lifestyle that they will live is not enough then I would be running fast!! He obviously does not love her it's the dolla bills ya'll!!


In answer to THG's question :Is she guarding her own fortune, or essentially paying him to stay married?--Well,THG, as long as you asked, I'd say the latter. She's essentially paying him to stay married. That is really pitiful. Run, Jessica! Don't do it, it's not worth the money. Just hold onto your money, don't pay him anything, and don't get married. Just save yourself the headaches of marriage and the inevitable divorce, because whether you're paying it now or years from now, it's all the same. Marriage is a very costly thing in so many ways: fiscally, emotionally, all sorts of ways. It doesn't all come out in the wash, and in the end you'll be bled of your cash. Save yourself the money and the hassle and run like hell now!


I am all for love and happiness, but it appears that Jessica is a prisoner of her wealth. I can understand a prenuptial agreement,but
the idea of letting the public know that there is a price tag attached to your marriage has got to make it a sad walk down the aisle. To be a money tree in the eyes of your future husband and in-laws is Not my idea of a lasting love or love at last!!


Jessica would be better off marrying someone who has more money than she does. This guy is along for the ride and Jessica is a very smart woman to protect her assets.


Is she pregnant? She looks like she has a baby bump!


And what does she get out of this? (except being out of pocket a couple million bucks).


Sounds to me she's buying his love. Paying him to stay. Doesnt sound very confident in their love. Shouldnt even be a thought in her mind before marriage, almost as if she expects it to fail. And those amounts are pocket change considering what she's worth and what she has.


omg.. jessica I'll marry u for that much money.. Its unreal


Yeah that doesn't make her look desperate at all :/


I totally get a pre-nup but that is paying him to marry her and stay married.. haha.. that is amazing,.,. who wouldnt want to marry her at those incentives... What is his wedding gift to her? I think it is very sad how that is listed out...all i can say is wow!!