Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper: Just Friends!

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Stop the presses. Bradley Cooper may have been hanging out with Jennifer Aniston recently, but don't get any ideas about the two becoming a couple.

Not that we really did, but the celebrity gossip media has a field day with all things Aniston, so THG always feels the need to clarify what's NOT true.

Jessica's Dirty Secrets

Cooper, who split with girlfriend of nearly two years Renee Zellweger last month, reportedly got back in touch with Jen, who he was linked to in 2009.

However, sources close to Cooper shot down any romance reports.

"They were really only looking at projects to work on together," a source said of The Hangover 2 star. "Bradley loves Jennifer, but just as a friend."

What's holding himĀ  back? Some say it's the intense scrutiny over Aniston's choice in men, plus her immense fame. Basically, to sum it up ...

"He'd be known as Mr. Jennifer Aniston," a source added.


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Great news to me. Jen is very beautiful and intelligent.
I just dislike this guy's look, personality and the way he treats women. I wish Jen will never work with him because he does not deserve it. Jen deserves a great gentleman, not him.


@Jack, u took the words out of my mouth. I was just going to post a comment wondering what any woman sees is this vacant looking man. His eyes look as if there's not one intelligent thought behind them.
Not to sound mean, as I quite like her, I think he'd make a great match for Audrina Patridge.


Seems as though Bradley can't tolerate any negative attention when he says it's the intense scrutiny he may get as Jen's BF. He just doesn't get that there may come a time when he won't be getting any attention or status unless he lives up to his current success as an actor. Few actors live up to the status of successful actors. The few that have, or do, are those that can play a wide range of characters. He's playing it safe in his choice of women, and playing it safe has never gotten one to the top, or in choosing the right women for long term happiness. By admitting that he will be know as Mr. Jennifer Aniston, he's basically saying he doesn't believe he'll ever reach her status or level of success. I guess he wants a woman who won't over shadow him, I wish him good luck in his search for an inferior woman to fall in love with. What a shame, he seems insecure with himself.


The guy does not seem to have personality. He is kind of self proud and cold.If he is so handsome and all, why have not many other women been with him at all? He is looking for some rich and famous, established women to ride their tail and boost his career. He has not done really that great in the movies.
Jennifer is far way ahead of him. Strong and independent women don't need a man to make them complete. His publicist just spreads rumor to get his film selling.


She probably wants to know how good (great)an actress she is so she can receive more revenue from her films and she would hope to sell as many bottles of her perfume as she can like each customer can decide to buy a case at time so they can give them as gifts to as many deserving ladies they know. I would think that would be something she might want to hear.


Crazy Faniston!


Ha Ha Ha Like Jennifer need you for anthing else. She is the one that is rich and famous.You are trying to get where she is so don't look like she needs you.I believe that it is the other way around.Your dating Renee Z puts you in the what column. that is not a good track record. So don't sound like you are all that. I wouldn't give you the time a day if I was jennifer. She deserve to have friends that can stand up to the media not justify why you are her friend. you don't owe anthing to the media. They make up stories to make money. You are just a loser that is in love with himself. Good Luck

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