Jenn Sterger on Brett Favre Scandal: I Just Want My Life Back!

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Brett Favre should have called it a career in 2009.

His final season was marred by injuries, on-field mediocrity and Jenn Sterger, a former New York Jets employee who reportedly received suggestive voicemails, sexual texts and totally unsolicited pictures of Brett Favre naked.

Now Jenn Sterger is ready to tell her side of the story.

This week, Sterger is opening up publicly for the first time, six months after news of Favre’s alleged inappropriate behavior became an Internet scandal.

“I just want my life back,” she tells George Stephanopoulos in a Good Morning America interview to air today and tomorrow. “That’s all I’m asking for.”

In a sense, Sterger’s sit-down with a news outlet was as inevitable as a costly, forced Favre INT (we went there). But why now, when this is all over?

Brett Favre was fined $50,000 by the NFL for not cooperating with its investigation into the matter, then retired for the 39th and final time this winter.

She refrained from speaking publicly for months, but that didn’t prevent all of the most embarrassing Favre bits from reaching news organizations.

But will talking with Stephanopoulos help Sterger get her life back, or will it only make moving forward more complicated for her? We'll find out.

For old times' sake, here's Favre's greatest hits ...


I believe I made some of these ptions a couple of months ago. ( ) *wink*Anyhoo, I don't give a flying F about him anymore. Sterger did what she should have done, in my opinion. She chose to be in this industry and deal with the crap, and she ignored him. That's not to say that outright sexual harassment shouldn't go unpunished, but a couple of voice mails? She was right to ignore it. If the others' have issues, ok, whatever, let them deal with it. I'm sure she just wants all of this behind her. He is becoming increasingly irrelevant and should have taken my advice three months ago. And now with the injury? Good riddance.


If this slut wants her life back, why doesn't she just STFU and stop seeking public media attention. This story is so old anyway, does anyone really care about her? She is a complete idiot.


still can't believe brett's peen is that small. used to think he was the hottest. now can't look at him as the hot stud anymore. why would he send pics of such a small peen is my question to him.


This is what you get when you let a filthy mud whore hold a microphone.


@randyjacksonsbutt: Yes, thank you! Same thing I was wondering! How is it that going on GMA and talking about the very the very thing that complicated her life thus far is going to help her get her "life back"? Most of the world had forgotten this issue (and her) by now so going on TV just brought it up again. My guess is she got a nice payday for the interview and is just trying to sound like she did not expect it nor did she want to profit. While his sending such texts was totally wrong and gross, her claim of not trying to profit off of it sounds like a total lie when she is giving interviews about it to news outlets that we all know paid big bucks for her comments. Just admitt it girl, you are damn glad for all the money now being thrown your way. I don't see you turning down an interview because it will put you back in the spotlight.


I agree with both of you. A person who truly wants to move on does just that. They put it behind them and don't keep rehashing it. Plus, she loves attention. It's quite evident from all the pictures I have seen of her, many taken of her by herself!! She thinks/believes she's hot. It shows in her photos. Then some creep comes on to her, what did she expect? Tell him off, etc. end of story. No let's wait til the story dies down then bring it up all over again. Strange.


I think that shutting her big mouth would be a start. She's gross for trying to exploit this whole thing. When does the book come out?!?


Oh Jenn Sterger, I almost forgot about you until this latest interview. If I had one question that I could ask Jenn it wouldn't be for her phone number (we all know how that would end), I would actually ask her how going on Good Morning America is going to help you get your life back?

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