Jason Pfeiffer Swears: I Had an Affair With Michael Jackson!

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Jason Pfeiffer, the former office manager for Michael Jackson's friend Dr. Arnie Klein, is standing by his story that he had a gay affair with the singer.

Pfeiffer says Klein is trying to sabotage his credibility because Klein is afraid Jason will incriminate him during the upcomng Dr. Conrad Murray trial.

Farewell, Michael Jackson

Jason tells TMZ he's been honest all along about having a sexual relationship with the late King of Pop and is certainly standing by his story now.

Jason Pfeiffer insists, "The story is true. We had a relationship with sexual aspects, but I'm not going to make it into some grand love affair."

When the story broke last year, Klein backed up Jason's account, even going so far as to call Pfeiffer "the love of [Michael Jackson's] life."

Klein came under attack from Elizabeth Taylor shortly after, but reiterated that the story was true, saying "Michael chose who he loved."

But Klein changed his story Friday, writing on Facebook that reports of "Jason being [Michael's] lover are ridiculous. That story was made up ... "

Why pull the 180 now?

Jason claims Klein has a secret agenda to publicly discredit him, in case Jason's possible testimony could paint Klein in an unflattering light.

Pfeiffer adds that the doctor's reversal is even more surprising as Klein "was the one that pushed for me to release the story in the first place."

Do you think Michael Jackson was gay?


Hahaha! I love posters like Courtney, who tells all 'haters' to STFU, mind our own business, MJs personal life was his own business....then proceeds to call the guy in the article Porky Pig! Moral of the Story: Never rip on anyone, unless it someone Courtney doesn't like. This stuff makes my day haha! Courtney, you're a riot, but go get a life. And maybe some grammar/spelling lessons.


@MoonwalkinBaby Where the hell did you hear points 2 and 4? Sounds totally made up, or at least way over exaggerated to me.


Its not horrifying to me because I know that he isn't. Sorry try again wrong peroson to ask to explain....thnx and have a nice day :)


I'm an MJ fan, and I am nowhere near being a homophobe. If Michael had been gay, I would have been fine with that and accepted it. Hell, I've been to pride festivals. My father is gay, and I've gone with him in support. Anyway, enough about that. 1.) Michael said he was straight.
2.) Michael had a large collection of heterosexual porn (as well as some girl-on-girl stuff).
3.) Michael's ex-wives have said they had sexual relations with him.
4.) He had articles clipped out and saved about the female G-spot. (what gay man would want that?) As for the people still making the tired old "pedo" remarks. Go back and read the court transcripts, read all the documents and all the information pertaining to those cases, and it's pretty easy to see that there is far more evidence that Michael was innocent and the victim of selfish people's greed. Don't question me about it...go do the research for yourselves.


Two words lardass As if.


@Helen It's the principal of it. It's possible Michael was gay (I doubt it) and that Jason was his lover (which I also doubt). However, it's kind of a jerky thing to do to "out" someone after they die and don't have no say so in the matter. At this point it's really no one's business. The story isn't believable anyway though, what purpose could Jason have other than, money, 15 min. of fame and way to get dates with other gay men. Anyone who really knew Michael must have known how much he guarded his privacy, it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out.


I think, all things considered, MJ was probably a repressed homosexual. But he went to great lenghts to keep his image, and since he's dead, I wish this repulsive guy would leave him alone.
Ps. I don't get why the idea of MJ possibly being a homosexual is so horrifying to some. Perhaps Erika, Michael's wife, can explain..


The people who think that Michael Jackson was not gay are in total denial. Did you not know who he was before he died? Come on people, let's use your brain on this one.


Lair Lair pants on fire . And anybody believes this BS is a fucking IDIOT .


Lair Lair pants on fire .

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