Jason Pfeiffer Swears: I Had an Affair With Michael Jackson!

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Jason Pfeiffer, the former office manager for Michael Jackson's friend Dr. Arnie Klein, is standing by his story that he had a gay affair with the singer.

Pfeiffer says Klein is trying to sabotage his credibility because Klein is afraid Jason will incriminate him during the upcomng Dr. Conrad Murray trial.

Farewell, Michael Jackson

Jason tells TMZ he's been honest all along about having a sexual relationship with the late King of Pop and is certainly standing by his story now.

Jason Pfeiffer insists, "The story is true. We had a relationship with sexual aspects, but I'm not going to make it into some grand love affair."

When the story broke last year, Klein backed up Jason's account, even going so far as to call Pfeiffer "the love of [Michael Jackson's] life."

Klein came under attack from Elizabeth Taylor shortly after, but reiterated that the story was true, saying "Michael chose who he loved."

But Klein changed his story Friday, writing on Facebook that reports of "Jason being [Michael's] lover are ridiculous. That story was made up ... "

Why pull the 180 now?

Jason claims Klein has a secret agenda to publicly discredit him, in case Jason's possible testimony could paint Klein in an unflattering light.

Pfeiffer adds that the doctor's reversal is even more surprising as Klein "was the one that pushed for me to release the story in the first place."

Do you think Michael Jackson was gay?


The thing about it he can't even tell a straight story . He says they dated for a year then he changes it to 2 months , then he says one wk. Well mike cant speak so he can't fuckin remeber when him and mike started dating? The dude is lying there nothing else to it . I mean damn if I was fucking michael I would have filmed us having sex It would have been for my eyes only so I'll never forget it lol .


If this story is true or not either way this Jason guy have made himself look like a fool infront of the intire world. If the story is true he is telling us "Don't trust me because I am the type of Guy who will kiss and tell". If the story isn't true he is telling us "Don't trust me because I am a liar". So the only thing this man has accomplished is looking like a fool. And he is only hurting himself and his own reputation.


PAREM ! Michael Jackson não é gay , isso é um absurdo !


Michael Jackson would never harpoon this whale.


Susanne u are right but his a lair I usually do say things like that but my blood was boiling b/c I'm sick of people trying make money off a innocent man by lying so much .Well it's up to the Jackson's family to stop this . He just piss b/c Klein bail out on him . Anyway no hard feelings I am a very peaceful and caring person you take care Susanne .u know it's easy to hate more than it is easy to love I try not to let my anger turn into hate.


Iam not judging you Courtney. I was just wondering why you are so angry and call people names like that. But since you defending MJ you can't be a bad person. Don't worry about the haters out there. They don't love themselves and sooner or later karma will be knocking on their doors. What goes around comes around.


Um, isn't he a little old for MJ?


This is getting too far. all made up lies. seems that jason pfeiffer is hell bent on inheriting MJ's wealth.


Break each one of the parts of his face down, psychologically.
This man is lying. Period.
Money, Greed.
The Doc originally agreed, also out of greed, but realized this doofus would not fool anyone...


Porky pig, porky pig ,porky pig , porky pig ,porky pig, porky pig , porky pig , porky pig , porky pig , porky pig , porky pig , porky pig yes im a die hard heart fan and yes im crazy as hell when it comes to MJ haha.

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