January Jones: Pregnant!

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January Jones is pregnant.

The Mad Men star, who was most recently linked to Jason Sudeikis, didn't reveal the identity of her baby daddy, but her rep did release a statement that reads:

"January Jones is happy to announce that she is expecting her first child this fall. She's really looking forward to this new chapter in her life as a single mom."

Mad Men Woman

Mad Men premieres its fifth season on AMC in early 2012.


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To Maude Dweeb: WTF is wrong with what pak31 is saying?? I think you are the retard for not getting it, not her!
And maybe you forgot, society was a little different back than were people married before having kids or didn't ya know??
I totally agree with her and bet a lot of other do too!! Get use to it!


pak31..really? It's quite possible you are fucking retarded.


Wow, yet another single mom in America. I guess my hope for traditional values is just that, a hope. No one seems to want to raise children in the old fashioned,more stable way. It's sad. Just because a woman could financially handle it, doesn't make it right. I was raised to believe that a child is created by two loving people to bring into this world and raise as both of theirs together. Not as an accessory. In the end, it will be the child that suffers. Oh well.


You don't hear that sentence very often!

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