James Frey: Returing to Oprah!

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Author James Frey is returning to the scene of his public evisceration by Oprah Winfrey five years ago. The rematch will be one of O's final episodes.

Frey was simply CRUSHED by Oprah in 2006 when she found out he made up a ton of details in his hugely popular memoir, A Million Little Pieces.

According to reports, Frey will return to the show and will talk with Oprah about how his life was affected by the scandal over the past five years.

Oprah-James Frey Interview

No word on when Frey's episode is scheduled to run.

Oprah taking Frey to task earned some of her biggest ratings in history, and clearly did not make the author look good. Will his return involve similar fireworks?


Let us not forget that Oprah's immediate reaction when she learned Smoking Gun uncovered the extent of Frey's embellishment was very mild and borderline indifferent. It wasn't until after the media generated several days of public rage, i.e., synthetic rage, that Oprah jumped on the bandwagon and started kicking the acclaimed author while he was down. Fact is if the media would have been unsuccessful at its attempts to trigger an avalanche of negative publicity surrounding Frey's book, Oprah would have continued to sit quietly on her fat ass and accept applause for "discovering" Frey's great work. Let's give credit where credit is due. If anyone should be persecuted for misrepresentation it should be Oprah.


wheres oprah get off bashing frey? so all he did was kick his book up a notch.. i found a million little pieces to be a great book i loved it i couldnt stop reading it i've reread it at least 9times just because he wasnt totally truthful in his book doesnt make him a bad person he just wanted to share his story & make it interesting for the reader.! the only reason oprah bashed mr. james frey is because she had nothing else better to do on her shitty talk show. deuces!

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