James Durbin Asks: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

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No flaming pianos, no heavy metal last night for James Durbin on American Idol. Just a stirring take on the Shirelles' "Will You Still Love Tomorrow."

The audience went bonkers. They will indeed love him today.

"Carole King and James Durbin were made to come together," says coach Jimmy Iovine, adding that "James is 100 percent a child of rock 'n' roll."

That's extremely high praise, but not altogether unwarranted. Watch him sing the tune in a cappella, then build up to a terrific finish below ...

We said that James is the man to beat yesterday, and this isn't about to change our minds. But, as always, it all comes down to voter turnout.

Follow the jump for Durbin's duet with Jacob Lusk ...

What do you think? Who was the best this week?


I will enjoy watching James durbin career skyrocket to the top, I think Steven Tyler knows he's as good as he used to b , but won't admit it .it must b hard to c a youngster move past u


I am a young great grandmother that loves music and appreciates good talent. Repeating what evreybody says, there is so much talent this year and wish all of them luck, BUT, I am watching Idol this year because of my admiration for JLO. I am just speechless in the talent that James Durbin has. I am so hooked on Idol this year because of him and if he does not get the title, I would be very much surprised. The young man right from the beginning drew the audience in, not just with his remarkable voice, but with his heart. James you are an inspiration to the world of music and wish you the BEST.


This IS the next American Idol. If he wins, James will be up there with Kelly and Carrie as one of the top selling successful Idols of all time. Thank goodness he's the right sex so the tweenies won't vote him off like Pia. AI will have much of its credibility restored if James is crowned the winner. Likewise, another Adam Lambert-like travesty will cement AI's fate as a a hearthrob tweenie pageant that used to be a real talent competition. Your choice America. So come on tweenies, keep on imagining having sex with James (since that's the basis for the way you vote anyway) and let your texting fingers do their thing! It just happens that this time it will be for the right guy and the worthiest contestant on that stage.

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