Jacob Lusk: The Man in the Mirror

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Jacob Lusk was initially going to run with Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" on American Idol this week, but he decided to go with an alternate, less racy song:

Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror."

Before leading off last night's performances, he said that if he ends up in the Bottom Three, it's 'cause America wasn't ready to look themselves in the mirror.

Bold statement, but after his rendition of MJ's moving classic, he may just escape that fate. Not knock-your-socks-off stuff, but pretty solid, don't you think?


I so hope hes gone next week! I thought he sang well but it got boring..same sound over and over but now that his comment is out...FIRED! I caught it Wed and hoped others would to. If more had he would be gone now instead of Pia..Guess hes not the nice guy he tries to act like huh?


I honestly thought after his sarcastic, rude & arrogant comment he woulda been booted off tonight. I'm glad boring Pia went but I hope this big oaf goes next! I am tired of the creepy faces he makes and looking down that big ass mouth of his.


He pretends to be a Christian and makes a racist comment like he did? They should kick him off for that!


heaven forbid he have an opinion,perhaps he should have said"WINNING".


DialIdol predicts that Paul, Jacob and Stefano will be in the bottom 3, with Paul being actually booted off tonight.


Jacob has amazing vocal range and power; however I think the comment he made in the pre-performance interview will cost him votes. It came off as very arrogant.


i really loved that song i think he did really good

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