Jacob Lusk: Lackluster on American Idol?

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Jacob Lusk's take on "Bridge Over Troubled" water on American Idol last night felt slightly off. Not full-on bad by any means, just ... off. Do you agree?

Steven Tyler does not.

"How much of you you put into a song is phenomenal," the judge said. "Those last three notes, and how well you fit in with the choir, is just incredible."

"You're such a gifted vocalist!" Jennifer Lopez, People's Most Beautiful woman of 2011, added. "I didn't want to let you give me the chills, but you did."

Does it give you the chills?

Thoughts? Was Jacob's performance enough to pull him through another week? Vote on who you think delivered the best performance last night here:

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You don't have to win Idol to have a great career.....look at Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia....Win or lose, Jacob is a star!


this guy is so annoying. he comes across as arrogant, with no star power behind it. he hits the notes - period. the "x factor" is just not there. i would not pay to see this guy, nor pay for his music; therefore, he falls into the category of ruben studdard - no one will buy his stuff if he were to win. that said, lets hope this guy (with criminal record, of course; why do all black singers on AI have criminal records???) gets voted off soon.


If this was Gospel Idol, we would have a winner. I think his arrogance overwhelms his abilities.


As irritated as I was with Jacob for his comment last week about American not being ready to 'look in the mirror', I LOVED his performance of Bridge Over Troubled Waters. I love black gospel music, and that song sounds great when done as gospel. And, like Jennifer, it game me chills.


meh... hes a great singer, no denying that, but he doesnt have any star quality to me. he wont win idol.