Shedding For the Royal Wedding: Is Kate Middleton Too Thin?

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We know she's got this big wedding thing coming up and all, but is Kate Middleton - looking very slender in a black dress and tan heels yesterday - getting too thin?

A little more than one week to go before she marries Prince William on April 29, Kate stepped out for some last-minute shopping on London's King's Road.

What do you think? Shedding for the wedding or going overboard?

Thin Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton: Too Thin?

Personally, we think Kate still looks fabulous.

Whatever she weighs, when she walks into Westminster Abbey, she should be looking radiant in her wedding dress, reportedly designed by Sophie Cranston.

In the meantime, the princess-to-be has been on a shopping spree, buying around $350 worth of items – possibly for her honeymoon? – from Warehouse.

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In the eyes of Kate's true beholder, I can easily believe that she looks just right. She still looks like the woman that he fell in love with and is scheduled to marry Next Friday!!


Just a thought, But if everyone would leave her alone maybe she won't step into the shoes of her late mother in law Diana.


Maybe she and LeAnn Rimes could share a sandwich over lunch!?!??!


oh lord it begins This week she will be 2 skinny THAN 2 chunky THAN 2 short NOT enough Boobs smh


one minute she might be pregnant and now she is anorexic?


She looks too thin, but it may be all the stress. Hopefully, she pick up about 10lbs soon.


She looks like she's in the early stages of anorexia. Hopefully she's not on some unhealthy or unecessary diet. It must be hard for her to suddenly be in the public eye and under so much scrutiny. She looks like she needs to gain about 10 pounds.


ya she could probably use 5 lbs, but like what was already said, shes going to have this giant public wedding & is stressed out & nervous. if she isnt healthier looking in like a month or so then ppl should be concerned...


I bet it's stress. Some people over eat when stressed out, some people eat less. A wedding is stressful, but a wedding of this kind must be off the wall strssful. I'd chalk it up to nerves.