Shedding For the Royal Wedding: Is Kate Middleton Too Thin?

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We know she's got this big wedding thing coming up and all, but is Kate Middleton - looking very slender in a black dress and tan heels yesterday - getting too thin?

A little more than one week to go before she marries Prince William on April 29, Kate stepped out for some last-minute shopping on London's King's Road.

What do you think? Shedding for the wedding or going overboard?

Thin Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton: Too Thin?

Personally, we think Kate still looks fabulous.

Whatever she weighs, when she walks into Westminster Abbey, she should be looking radiant in her wedding dress, reportedly designed by Sophie Cranston.

In the meantime, the princess-to-be has been on a shopping spree, buying around $350 worth of items – possibly for her honeymoon? – from Warehouse.

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How about the Prince? Is he too thin? Too fat? Why do we rip women apart this way? Way to go encouraging the development of eating disorders in women who may read this story and be overly critical when they look in the mirror.Shame.


She is way toooo thin. Thin is not in, no matter what the morons in Hollyweird and New Yawk think. If you can see anyone's ribs, they are way too thin. She is beginning to look like a concentration camp victim.


So much for the pregnant theory on front cover of The Enquirer


Kate is still beautiful. There will be a lot of stress for her right at this time, but I am sure she will be back to her old weight very soon. Wills will make her very happy, the look a delightful couple. I just the love them.


She is way to thin! If you can see your ribs on your chest you don't look attractive it is just sickly.


She is wayyyyyyyy too thin now. Thin doesn't look sexy at all. She looks ill.
If William wants you thinner then dump him before the big day. He's no prize to look at.


A couple of months ago it was reported that they expected her to lose lots of weight before the big what the big shock?????


Kate may want to look fabulous for her wedding, but she looked fabulous before she lost weight. Of course she's nervous about her big day, but if she doesn't gain some weight back after the wedding it may lead to health problems in the future.


Maybe she is pregnant and has bad morning sickness...who cares?

Regina arrendell

Yes, she's too thin. I hope "royalness" doesn't put the same kind of pressure on her it did her departed mother-in-law-to-be. Diana had an eating disorder. I hope Kate stays a "commoner" and doesn't let the hype get in her head!

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