Hugh Hefner on Crystal Harris Prenup: Who Needs It?

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Hugh Hefner has no intention of making loving, caring fiancee Crystal Harris sign a prenuptial agreement, according to reports. And seriously, why would he?

She's only 60 years younger than he and he only has like $43 million.

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Sources close to Hugh and Crystal Harris say neither has even uttered the word "prenup" at any point in their courtship. The wedding is 10 weeks away.

What could go wrong?

There have already been concerns raised by his other exes and even rumors of Crystal cheating with Jordan McGraw. But Hugh's just not going there.

Hef, who has been married twice before, hasn't raised a prenup convo because he "actually cares about Crystal" and doesn't want to ask her to sign one.

Airtight reasoning right there.

Crystal doesn't believe that Hef will bring it up before they tie the knot and, rather stunningly, doesn't intent to raise the issue herself. So it totally works out.


@ abc: We have to remind ourselves that Hugh Hefner is Not the average man of 84. He is the ultimate Playboy Playa. I can easily believe that Hef being 84 is Not the Usual 84 year old fossil (sorry) that you would know to be 84. This man has lived well and has been treated well for over 50 years,with a variety of women and he has lived quietly while doing it until (in) recent years.I do Not believe that any of us on these pages would have thought that Hugh Hefner was going to check out at closing time with an 83 year old Bengay-liniment wearing gray headed granny by his side!


@abc: I always enjoy the opinions and comments,of other readers/writers even through we Never have the exact same answer. I am especially glad that you responded to my opinion because it gives me an opportunity to tell you (abc) and
I could Not have written a better comment than the one that you used to express your opinion.
Don't forget "how deep is your love" by the Brothers Gibbs!!!


Leo, you're idealistic yet nieve. Honor goes out the window during a divorce. You can marry for love & still protect your interests. While it's nice to think that SHE is marrying for love, you never do know. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure says Ben Franklin.


'what would go wrong?', I ask: how long will he live, the man is over 80yrs?, and d lady 20something? To answer ur question then, i would say, death! Its not dat i wish him dat but let us be real here


Who needs a prenup when the groom is what, 85 years old? I'd say this girl thinks all she has to do is out live him, which she will, but just because there is no prenup does not mean she will cash in on his death. Hefner is far from stupid, I'm sure he has thought about this already and has a will that will not include this girl as the one person who gets all the money. He has children who will be first, not her. If she is hoping for a windfall I think,despite the lack of prenup, she is going to be very dissapointed when she finds out she is not the heir to this mans fortune.




Hef is a man of honor, forget about money, this man is marrying for love. We all should be so lucky!!

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