Hugh Hefner on Crystal Harris Prenup: Who Needs It?

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Hugh Hefner has no intention of making loving, caring fiancee Crystal Harris sign a prenuptial agreement, according to reports. And seriously, why would he?

She's only 60 years younger than he and he only has like $43 million.

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Sources close to Hugh and Crystal Harris say neither has even uttered the word "prenup" at any point in their courtship. The wedding is 10 weeks away.

What could go wrong?

There have already been concerns raised by his other exes and even rumors of Crystal cheating with Jordan McGraw. But Hugh's just not going there.

Hef, who has been married twice before, hasn't raised a prenup convo because he "actually cares about Crystal" and doesn't want to ask her to sign one.

Airtight reasoning right there.

Crystal doesn't believe that Hef will bring it up before they tie the knot and, rather stunningly, doesn't intent to raise the issue herself. So it totally works out.

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I just find this hilarious.Im 57 and i wouldnt marry a 84 year old.I like the one gentlemens remark about we all know hes not going to marry a gray haired linament wearing granny. But there is alot of good looking women out there who are over 40. I cant help but think what 25 year old really really is just marrying him for love. Its a little far fetched if you ask me. She may not get a fortune because of his will or whatever but she is going to get her 15 minutes of fame and that is probably half of the reason in itself. She will be all over the news and etc and it will be to her advantage.


And he is an OLD PUNK!!


All I have to say is it worked for Anna Nicole Smith. Well just the whole money part. The death thing not so much.




The life that he has lived for 50 years was built on money/fame hungry women. Every man he knows have enjoyed the same lifestyle AND always with the same type of women. He knows more ways to screw a woman out of money than we ever dreamed of. He has a will, he put everything into his daughters name, he might break off the wedding two days in advance. "Holly is single again!" If he does marry her, he might leave her a little something. Maybe a few million. No way in hell will she get all his money. LOOK AT HER BIG SMILE! She thinks she won the lottery.. She knows nothing about wealthy men.


"doesn't intent to raise the issue herself." Isn't the correct word INTEND? Just wondering.


It would be a wonderful thing, if outsiders could stop worrying about Hugh Hefner's money, and appreciate the love that he has for this lovely lass instead.Hef is Not worried about his fortune, it has always served it's purpose,the man have parties every night. There are people at his house every day that he Never even meet,but are there enjoying being at the Playboy Mansion. This man has lived, and he is planning on settling down with the woman to spend the rest of his twilight years with, and maybe he has an arrangement with Crystal that is better than a prenup. By now Hugh Hefner knows that if a person based their own love life on what everybody else chose to think about it, you would Never have a love life. PEACE!!!


Haray for Hugh! Thought I might contact Crystal. Got her #########


He's crazy!!!! She will devastate his estate when he is gone. She will have equal rights, maybe MORE, than his own children!! Despite any provisions in the will. The will will be tied up in probate for many years. This is a spit in the face to his heirs! If he wants to marry some bimbo, he should have her sign a pre nup leaving her X amount. Besides ALL else, he will then find out her true feelings about bedding down with an 80 year old man, if the pre nup amount is low, maybe $1 million.


If you ain't no punk holla we want prenup!
...Well. I guess Hef goes down as 'punk'...

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