Hope Dworaczyk Labels NeNe Leakes "Unstable"

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Add another name to the list of folks who have a problem with NeNe Leakes.

Kim Zolciak has been feuding with this reality star for years, Star Jones jumped in during her run on Celebrity Apprentice, and now Hope Dworaczyk has sounded off with her take on the Real Housewife of Atlanta.

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"I liked Nene a lot until I had to be her boss," the Playmate told E! News, previewing an episode that airs tonight. "One minute she was crying and opening up about herself and sharing something about the past that's very very personal, and the next minute, she's yelling. I think you can call it unstable."

Does Dworaczyk therefore understand why Star Jones wanted a bodyguard to protect her from Leakes? Yes.

"It was out of control," she said. "I think if I had been yelled at and attacked the way Nene gets in Star's face, I would have wanted a bodyguard, too."

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people you are crazy ass hell if you cant be friends with NeNe, because if you are real and not fake like star, but if you are watching da same show everyone talks about star to da cameras, but NeNe, LaToya Jackson, Lena Rimes are the only ones that wills check that ass, star is slick and LaToya won by standing up to her, NeNe is any Real Woman and she has a friend in me always star jones dont care about anyone but her shelf, and she is fake as hell she do not give a dam about Donald Trump, just running game she dont respect any not even her self


Hope was useless space on the show and should of been the first one off the show, to me NeNe is a real person with try heart onthe show, her and Marly are right ones left but Latoya was more of a real one then fake ass, hope, who cares what hope think she go her nerves, you just kiss everyones ass on the show hope is ajoke like still being on long as she was, NeNe is they only one who can stand up to star, she know you are weak and can beat you thats why star keeps you around someone she can run, Latoy Jackson speaks her mind and wins over hope da joke


Watching the celeb. apprentice and Nene Leakes reminds me of a spoiled child throwing temper tantrums when they dont get their way. I wish Trump would've had the guts to fire her, and now makes me wonder if he would be stable enough to be President, then again maybe he will make Nene vice prez ROFLMAO


Never liked Nene since the RHWA. She is a bully PERIOD! No wonder her husband divorced her bitchy ass I would too!


About Nene's charity, now this would be a real "eye opener" for Nene. Let's say she volunteers to be the next Project Manager again. Let's say she wins for her charity but check this out: She goes to deliver them their check and they REFUSE it or even better, they write her out a chec!k for a stay at Bellevue Mental Institute in New York City (lmao) - that would be too funny and I'm sure it would make Nene cry but heck somebody's got to intervene with this silly madness (woman or moose)! I bet Kim Zolciak and Sweetie are really enjoying Celebrity Apprentice! No matter what people thought or said about Kim and Sweetie's relationship, they have a closeness that Nene can only dream about having. I wonder how many times have Nene interfered with Cynthia's marriage - probably A LOT!!!


Latoya has more talent and class in her little finger than NeNe has in her,ignorant,petty,gigantic,abusive,body!!


NeNe deals with her insecurities by bulling others and lashes unacceptable rude behavior in her usal unbecoming manner. As for LaToya, she has more class than NeNe could ever hope for.


You know that the photo of Hope D. is a nude photo of her with body paint from her Playboy shoot. I find this slightly disturbing that they over looked it and thought she was wearing clothes. Welcome to bad Journalism!


nene is a bully


NeNe keeps it real--real ignorant. NeNe's tears over being labeled negative after all she has said are a joke. You're on this show to do what you do best, stir the pot, act like an ass, keep the drama going. You haven't disappointed.

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