Hope Dworaczyk Labels NeNe Leakes "Unstable"

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Add another name to the list of folks who have a problem with NeNe Leakes.

Kim Zolciak has been feuding with this reality star for years, Star Jones jumped in during her run on Celebrity Apprentice, and now Hope Dworaczyk has sounded off with her take on the Real Housewife of Atlanta.

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"I liked Nene a lot until I had to be her boss," the Playmate told E! News, previewing an episode that airs tonight. "One minute she was crying and opening up about herself and sharing something about the past that's very very personal, and the next minute, she's yelling. I think you can call it unstable."

Does Dworaczyk therefore understand why Star Jones wanted a bodyguard to protect her from Leakes? Yes.

"It was out of control," she said. "I think if I had been yelled at and attacked the way Nene gets in Star's face, I would have wanted a bodyguard, too."

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Nene speaks what is on her mind. fan of Nene. Hope didn't say anything because I think she really didn't have anything to say. Its funny how they say all this shit behind Nene back and not to her face but I like the fact that Nene is real and what you see is what you get. which is how a lot of grown folks should be. Now Nene is a star and she is intelligent, beautiful black woman. Fan for NENE LEAKES


In my judgment Hope was the very best Donald Trump had on that particular team; as a matter of fact, I made a bet with myself that she will be the one hired. As far as NeNe is concerned, I am very much surprised that Donald Trump did not fire her long time ago. SHE IS CRAZY.
Hope is not only young, pretty, but she is very intelligent; I wish I had her working with me.
I just hope that my comment will get to Hope.


Nene leakes, epitomizes black ghetto,uneducated, dirty sick maniac! She does not deserve to be on any show on TV and should be locked up in a lunatics ward. She is an embarassment to african-americans!


Thumbs up or down, No one can deny the fact that at the beginning of the introduction to the task, NeNe went off big time on Star in front of Trump and his business associate. In the real world NeNe's
a@ss would have been fired on the spot. There have to be fine lines in a script to allow NeNe to still be on that show when she has lost twice as project manager. Dare I say that any charity that represents domestic violence have a poor excuse as a spokeswoman in
the Name of NeNe Leakes. Because of her unsavory behavior,maybe she is meant to be the Celebrity Apprentice Candidate who does Not "earn" any money for her charity, because she is Not what her
domestic abuse charity Needs!!


Nene is unstable. It has nothing to do with color. They are both bitchy control freaks.
Latoya is a real lady. That's why Trump took her back.


Star is very shrewd. By remaining in control and letting NeNe rage on, she looks better and better. I think Star is brilliant and plays the game well. She may be passive aggressive, but she is organized, has a plan, has skills and instinctively knows how to manipulate others, which all of us do to some degree. You might not be a fan of hers, but give credit where credit is due. I never liked her on The View and did not like what I heard about her, but she is shining in the game.


Nene is a bully. We should not be promoting this behaviour on tv. Nene should not be representing a charity for abusive women.She is an abusive women who needs help. NeNE GROW UP!lEARN HOW TO RESPECT OTHERS AND FIND GOD. YOU ARE HORRIBLE.CLEAN YOUR HEART AND LEARN TO LOVE NOT HATE.


nene is a bully-thug. she speaks like a street whore; is hideously ugly and is generally, mean. star sucked her in--she should have voted star off of the show and united with latoya. my only hope is that marley wins for the women; if star wins, i'll vomit. the smartest one is hope; she's kept a low-profile; hasn't been mean-spirited and is still standing. nene i hear walks off of the show without being fired. good riddance. another loud proud black woman who has to bully her way to the top.


I bet she didn't say that shtt to NeNe's face.


I like NeNe. As far as Hope saying Nene is unstable, I bet she dudn't say that shtt to NeNe's face. NeNe and Star are strong black women and white people don't like that nor do they like a black person who is educated and rich. NeNe is just speak what's on her mind.

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