Happy Birthday, Kourtney Kardashian & Suri Cruise!

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Kourtney Kardashian and Suri Cruise just turned a combined 37!

The reality TV star and daughter of TomKat both turned another year older and wiser on April 18 (sorry for the belated wishes, ladies). Despite their age gap, Kourtney (32) and Suri (5) have something in common - being famous for no reason!

Sorry. We kid. Well, mostly.

The Birthday Gal

There are similarities if you think about it. Both are often associated with crazy men (Scott Disick, Tom Cruise) and 97 percent of what you read about them is BS!

Anyway, here's wishing a happy birthday to Suri. Hope you had fun, cutie!

Happy birthday to Kourtney Kardashian too, we guess, even if we'll never forgive her for rejecting THG's Co-President on the first season of Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, then getting knocked up by Scott like a week later.


Really Jennifer? You think Kourt is the smartest sis?? Damn I do not agree with you what so ever about that especially when she stayed with that douche bag!! Not sure who is the smartest, tough call.

Jennifer miller

Happy Birthday! You are the smartest sister out of the Kardashians


whaddayou mean Suri's famous for no reason? she's Tom Cruise's daughter, Tom Cruise being among the most iconic actors of his time. she's hardly of age to be doing anything for herself yet. i guess what's really bugging me is that Suri's but 5 and the gossip pages are already starting to pick on her, even if it's in jest. it makes you wonder what's to come. luckily, her mother at least seems one of the saner ones in hollywood.


Suri is too cute!!! :)) :))


suri is so gorgeous! she reminds me of my own daughter.


Your loss, Kourtney!

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