Happy 20th Birthday, Jamie Lynn Spears!

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Jamie Lynn Spears, who's been more or less of the spotlight since getting pregnant at age 16, turns 20 today. She marked the occasion by joining Twitter!

The sister of Britney Spears welcomed Maddie Briann in June 2008. The father is her former boyfriend/fiance Casey Aldridge. Who knows if they're still on.

Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, Honor

Dude didn't strike us as an upstanding, committed type of guy. We don't know him personally, but that was our gut feeling. Either way, Jamie Lynn's doing well.

Here's an adorable pic she shared of herself with Maddie ...

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER: Aww. Our little girl is growing up so fast. So is Maddie Briann for that matter! Join us in wishing Jamie Lynn Spears a happy b-day below!


happy 20th.hop your kid become as good as you.also my litle brother josh is totaly in love with you.YOU ROCK THE HOUSE!


happy b-day jamie. you and maddie look very cute.


I am very happy that Jamie Lynn has decided to stay out of the media spot light and be a mom.


wow been a long time since i see her news, great to see maddie growing up well,this proves that not all young childbirth goes downhill. anyway happy birthday!!


happy birthday to u. i want to wish u the best in the future


happy b day i watch zoey 101 all the time in the morning!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Jamie Lynn!!!


Is it sad that I completely forgot she even existed? Oh well. Happy Birthday, forgotten Spears child! xD


Happy birthday



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