Hanson Performs on Dancing With the Stars

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Hanson performed on Dancing With the Stars Monday night, delivering a spirited and invigorating performance of their '90s smash hit "MMMBOP."

Not entirely sure how Hanson ended up booked on a top-rated network show, but whatever the reason, there the brothers were in all their glory.

It was "guilty pleasure night," however. We'll chalk it up to that:


their albums after mmbop are acutally very good! They have somewhat a folk-pop sound.


I don't care for you snarky tone, Free Britany. I believe before any non-fanson writes anything about Hanson, they must take a crash-course in Hanson 101. While your top 40 radio-soaked mind can't get past the mmmbop hump and see how amazing they are, they are KINGS in the indie-music world and ever since they started 3CG records, they have released some of the most successful independant CDs ever, to say nothing of their amazing charity work. Hanson is not a subject you can half-ass. Do your research or you'll piss off a signifigant cult-following. FANSON 4 LIFE!


I don't watch Dancing With the Stars. I specifically watched that part just to see Hanson. It makes sense, but looking at it from being a fan of Hanson and not a fan of the show, I still just couldn't believe they did mmmbop. It isn't a difficult concept, why they did it, but even though it was for 'guilty pleasures' there are still a lot of people who believe that is all Hanson ever did and here they are 14 years later still doing it.


Why does nobody understand why they did Mmmbop? The theme was guilty pleasures night, and that was the main reason for them being on the show. It wouldnt of made sense for them to sing anything else! They however are back on tonight singing Give a Little, their new single. All makes sense to me :)


I was also very disappointed that after well over 10 years they did mmmbop. I get why they do it at the concerts, when I was a 9 year old girl that is the song the drew me to Hanson. They have done so much more and I think that doing mmmbop perpetuates the idea that they have done nothing since the 90's. I'm glad to hear they'll be doing another song tonight.


even though they were great on the show, i am kind of sad that they only played mmmbop. they have so many other good songs on their other albums, it is too bad they did not get to show people what they really can do!!!!! people are going to keep thinking they are a one trick pony, when really they are so talented! and totally rock in concert!!


Its actually unfortunate that they haven't gotten more attention in the past 15 years as they've done nothing but grow tremendously as musicians!! I can't wait to hear their new song tonight! I'm with you Bree, they are seriously incredible musicians!


You're not sure how they booked it because you haven't been following them for years. Mmmbop was nearly 15 years ago. They've done so much since then. All of the songs they played coming back from break I can guarantee you they didn't practice. They just know music, were given a suggestion and used their God given talents to play it on the fly. Watch tonight for "Give a Little" and you'll be floored.


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