Hank Baskett: Cheating on Kendra Wilkinson With Jessica Hall?

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Is Kendra Wilkinson's marriage to Hank Baskett on the rocks?

The new issue of In Touch suggests as much! So basically, no, they're not on the rocks, but hey, makes for some good celebrity gossip, right?

In Touch has been trying to bust up Kendra and Hank for some time. Somehow Playboy bunny Jessica Hall has been thrown into the mix now.

Here's the alleged other woman wreaking marital havoc ...

Hank Cheating on Kendra?!

This is Jessica Hall. Rumored home wrecker. Bona fide hottie!

Seriously, why the need to meddle in Kendra's love life? We direct that at Ms. Hall and at ITW. The Basketts seem as solid as they come. Leave 'em be.

Another thing just occurred to us. The headline just says Kendra and Hank have been torn apart by another woman. But what if Kendra did the cheating?

Sorry, we're just throwing that out there. Nothing wrong with a little girl-on-girl action, right? Okay, you know what, we're just going to stop now.


If I were Louis Van Amstel who is a sweetheart and awesome dancer.... I'd smack that slut right up against her fat head~ She has done nothing but humiliate him with her nasty comments and ugly faces she makes when she dances with him in practice shots. Her comment about having to close her eyes and pretend she is dancing with Hank was cruel... then the I dont care that she isnt elegant..... was another one of many stupid, non elegant comments. She could not be elegant physically or verbally if she tried...cuz she is just a lesbian and a slut that got paid to screw an old man~ What is Hank thinking to pick u to be the mother to his child? Geeze! ps: Jessica is ELEGANT!


Hi......aap ki adda pe sub marte hai
app ke pass aaneko sub traste hai
aap jaisa na humne dekha. Pur aap ne bhi to hume nahi dekha. (I love u.i writ 4 u in hindi.)


the whole bunch makes me wanna throw up...on them!


Just leave them alone please every one deserves to be happy, love you guys


I agree. Who cares? Who. Cares. And besides. She's a whore. If he wanted another woman he could just do them at the same time. No need to cheat.


Kendra & Hank seem to have a great relationship. Ppl hate seeing happiness in hollywood -therefore, they work hard to ruin it. I hope they can work thru the rumor mill & keep the love strong!


Two words: who cares?


Kendra like Kim K loves the lime light and will do anything to stay relevant. Not sure if I totally believe this.


It's so nice to know that in the world today when marriages are failing and people's morals seem to be at an all time low, that these magazines actually promote failure and adultery. It's absolutely pathetic. Every gossip magazine wants stars to get together, then when they finally do all they do is wait for their demise. It's awful.


Hot girl

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