Haley Reinhart: Janis Joplin 2.0?

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"If you want Janis, I'll give it to you." - Haley Reinhart

The American Idol judges have been comparing Haley Reinhart to Janis Joplin all season, so it was only fitting that she chose the legendary rocker's "Piece of My Heart" on Rock & Roll Hall of Fame week. But did she do it justice?

Not entirely. But she also didn't bomb by any means ...

Steven Tyler said that, "I couldn't find nothing wrong with that ... Janis gave the voice to rock 'n' roll back in '68, and you did it again tonight."

Easy there. While she's worthy of her spot in the finals and clearly improving out there, she's going to have to step it up a bit to stick around.

Think she'll be on the block tonight?


Haley is the greatest. She puts her heart and soul into every song and makes it her own. That's the point-isn't it?
We had the good fortune of seeing Janis Joplin live and if she were here today even she would be impressed with Haley. Janis sang from pain and raw emotion whereas Haley sings with the joy of living but also with a depth of feeling you would not expect from one so young. So it is really unfair to compare the two. Go Haley!!!!


Haley has been rockin the stage. I love the way she does her thing up there and she has my vote I look forward to watching her perform every wednesday but she let me down tonight comin girl shake it up step it up just like they said you got people rootin for you.......


She is GREAT every week ...what an entertainer...and Yes she does sound like Janis Joplin


OMG get real...she is NO Janis Joplin. Not even close!


i totally agree most girls who say they don't like her are just super jealous..lol. but i'm a girl & she is hot as hell! & has a sexy strong voice. i hope she's in the finals! just give her, casey & paul record deals now!


Haley is prettiest girl and easiest on the eyes. If this was radio, Pia would win. But on TV, Haley will win.


i dont like haley at all she was laughing and smiling when the best Pia got voted off HALEY SHOULD NOT BE ON THE SHOW


Haley you were wonderful last night and last week. You were always good on all performance's however, love your raspy voice. Hang in there girl you have the gift.


Hailey is growing for better every week, and she is much more fun to watch than many other contestants. She maybe not a perfect singer, but I will go to her concert for sure (I loved "Blue"). And Pia? just buy a CD, no need more (maybe a poster too).Go Haley!


try it in see

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