Gloria James: Arrested For Assault!

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Gloria James, the mother of Miami Heat star LeBron James, was arrested early this morning for allegedly assaulting a valet at the Fontainebleau Hotel.

According to Miami Beach authorities, Gloria was partying at LIV nightclub with some of girlfriends last night, but got into an altercation upon leaving.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Cops were called about an incident at 4:47 in which Gloria was accused of attacking a valet. She was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor assault.

It's unclear at this time what sparked Gloria James' altercation with a Miami parking attendant, or whether the misdemeanor charges against her will be pursued.

The valet wasn't arrested, and Gloria has been released from custody. A rep for the hotel confirmed the James incident, but had no further comment.

LeBron, meanwhile, had a tough night in Miami as well. The Heat lost to the Bucks, a blow to their chances of clinching the #2 seed in the East. Weak.

UPDATE: More details have emerged about Gloria's rampage ...

The police report says Gloria hit the valet so hard in the face, she lost her balance and fell to the ground, then told a police officer "I don't trust your kind."

The arresting officer says he tried to question 43-year-old Gloria James about the incident at the scene early, but he got "no response, just a stare."

After a while, she eventually admitted to having a "minor verbal altercation."

The cop says the valet explained that he retrieved James' car and put it on the valet ramp in front of the hotel while Gloria and a female driver stood around talking to people for 30 minutes. Finally, the valet says he turned the car off.

The valet, Rockfeller Sorel, says Gloria then approached him and stated, "Where are my f**king keys" and continued yelling profanities at the victim.

The report explains, "Then for no apparent reason the arrestee struck the victim with an open had [sic] across the right side of his faceĀ  and in the process causing herself to lose her balance and falling to the ground."

The valet parker told cops Gloria smacked him with an open hand on the right side of his face, and after the incident, he sought medical attention.

He doesn't seem to have any visible injuries in this photo, though. The man says he has already met with a lawyer to discuss his legal options.


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Thanks Lebron for not turning your back on your mom. Continue to encourage her to seek help and always love her. She has an illness and it is up to her, not you, to make that decision to seek treatment. Again, never stop loving your mom.


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The apple never falls far from the tree. Cavs may not be winning but are far better without him. 10 years from now he will be like Mike Tyson A BROKE HAS BEEN.


The Cavs owner protected "the chosen one" in Cleveland while crack HO Mama James did a lot of crap in the Akron area that was covered up...what do you think of your move to South Beach now Leeee Bro?


I don't get it...was she mad cause he turned the car off because they were talking too much?


This mom is a disgrace to her son who appears to be a class act.Her behavior is embarrasing to her son fans of the Heat and most of all her grand children.Alcoholic rehab might help....


If she's going to blame the liquor, doesn't that mean she will have to admit she intended to drive home drunk? She was after those keys... She might be better off admitting she's just an ignorant b****.


I think he should sue her let this be a lesson learned; 1. learn to control your alcohol and 2. learn to keep your hands to yourself. We teach this to children.

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