Gary Shirley Tweets: I Am Single!!

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Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood of Teen Mom fame are not together.

Despite many public sightings with his baby mama in recent weeks - sometimes, they even hold hands - Big Daddy tweeted Wednesday that he's single.

What a Messer

But, just FYI, "of course I got a [daughter] Leah no matter what."

Gary Shirley is back on the market, ladies. Adorable little girl included!

Portwood was charged with three felonies after an attack on Gary Shirley - likely not the first or last of its kind - on an episode of Teen Mom last year.

The Indiana native has been trying to turn things around of late, refraining from trashing Amber in the press and even vowing to lose 100 pounds.

Perhaps a new, more stable woman in his life is the next step.


I bet the woman are just lining up for him...what a catch, a Dad who has a "baby mama drama".


Go Gary!! I really thought Gary was a d-bag at the beginning of 16 and preg and teen mom. He really turned around. I wish Amber would have kept her sanity. They were a cute couple and Leah is just gorgeous. Gary I believe it is time to move on and find you a great girl who loves you and Leah as well. Goodluck

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