Elton John to Kings of Leon: Chill, A$$holes!

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His songs were covered on American Idol this week. He's hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow. And now Elton John is jumping into the fray of another pop culture debate.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon last night, the veteran artist was asked about Kings of Leon and Dave Grohl, musicians that have lashed out at Glee creator Ryan Murphy for asking if his show could cover their singles.

"When someone wants to do your song, it’s a compliment," John said, getting pointed in his criticism of Kings of Leon: "Lighten up, you assholes... I mean, this is a compliment. Also, it sends a positive message out. What the hell is wrong with you guys?”

Watch the exchange below.

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I am a fan of all three, but I must agree with Elton on this one. I think it's fine if you do not want Glee to cover your songs, but don't go lashing out at the creator, it's really not a big deal. Elton John has had more experience in the music business than Dave Grohl (which is actually saying a lot...) and especially Kings of Leon. He knows it is best to not get worked up over these things.


I applaud Elton John for saying that! The fact that they lashed out at Glee creator Ryan Murphy I guess someone else lashing out at them is both karma & deserved... Glee has become such a phenomenal programme and to be asked if they can cover your songs is an honour especially since Kings of Leon isnt really A listers.. While yes it is alright for them to turn down the offer but to lash out is just crazy??
@randyjacksonsbutt : obviously your a low life loser! Gay people & overweight people are definately not the only people who watch glee. Grow some balls and stop being a bitch


I am a fan of Elton John's and King of Leon's music, but I'm not a big fan of Glee (and it's nothing to do with the gay kissing storyline). I guess I'm a music fan, not a fan of musicals. What I'm trying to say is, I get it that Kings of Leon didn't want to be part of the show. I'm sure they've nothing against the show, it's just not their thing. I'm really surprised that Elton John would stoop to calling them names.


I agree with Elton John. Kings of Leon sucks and Dave Grohl needs to chill.. they do need to relax and stop being pricks.


@sally: I'm not sure why you think because Elton John is gay he's taking it personally. What does his being gay have to do with other artists not wanting their music on Glee? I respect Elton John and think he has put out some great music in his time but I think he is wrong here. Yes it is a complment to have the show ask to use your music, but when the musicians turned them down and the producer insulted them for having done so that was wrong. It was not having been asked that got these guys fired up and upset. It was being trashed for saying no that did. Why should they not be pissed when one minute the producers of Glee thought they were popular and relevant enough that they wanted them and their music on the show but then the next minute, after the musicians said no those same producers called them "over" and "washed up"? As if being on Glee was somehow required for future success. I think they were right to fire back at the producers were insulting them for no reason.


WIth all due respect, I think Elton John is wrong about this. Anyway it's only a matter of opinion. But why label anyone a**holes, you'd think Elton John would be above all that. Because he's gay he's taking it personally, and he shouldn't. If Kings Of Leon doesn't want to jump on the Glee bandwagon it's their choice and none of EJ's business.


Put The Kings Of Leon,against Laural & Hardy playing the bagpipes and dancing an Irish ditty and who would be more entertaining ?


Dear Elton John, It is true that you are a legend, however, you haven't come out with anything decent in over thirty years (And please don't try to tell me that the 90's era Disney garbage that you barfed up was any good because it wasn't).
Your opinion isn't really relevant anymore so why should anyone care what you think. Besides, you're gay and we all know that only gay people and overweight women watch Glee after all. Sincerely, RandyJacksonssmellyass


I went to high school with the Followill brothers. They've always been pretentious dicks. I'm glad someone with some star power and actual talent set them straight.