Breaking Dawn Spoiler Pics: Edward & Bella's Honeymoon Scene, Jacob on the Run!

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It feels like our Twilight favorites are growing up before our eyes.

In the next installment, Part I of Breaking Dawn, Edward and Bella (Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart) take their relationship to the next level.

"They make love for the first time, they get married and pregnant," says director Bill Condon of the film, scheduled for release in November.

Here's are two newly-released photos of Edward and Bella's honeymoon:

Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Pic
Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Scene!

In EW's cover story, Rob and Kristen discussed the exotic locations for the film. Much of the vampire honeymoon was shot outside the Brazilian town of Paraty.

"There's just this incredibly sensual vibe down there," reveals Condon.

While Jacob, the werewolf played by Taylor Lautner doesn't get the girl, he does manage to get over her, and in doing so "becomes a man," says Condon.

At least he gets to ride a cool motorcycle and run around soaking wet in the rain. Sadly, girls, he's got a shirt on, but you'll still enjoy the images below.

Follow the jump for two Taylor Lautner pictures from Breaking Dawn:

Taylor Lautner in Breaking Dawn
Taylor Lautner Breaking Dawn Photo

Kool i can't wait


Paraty is such an amazing place. Highly recommended.


@randyjacksonsbutt The island they are on is Isle Esme. Dr. Cullen gave the island to Esme when they got married as a wedding gift. Esme "loans" Edward & Bella the island for as long as they want to be there.


Alice is psychic so she plays the stock market. And Carlisle has been getting a doctor's salary for years. So the Cullen family is pretty much set for eternity without having to work much for it.


Oh, yeah- the second question- The oldest looking male plays "daddy" and works as a doctor. The younger ones go to school. That's why they have to move so much- cuz they never age. They have so much free time at this point in the story because it's just after they've graduated and the "dad" has already quit his job to move.


They have all that money because Edward and his coven have been around for so long. They haven't spent too much because they have to lay low from the humans. Bella's character objects to how much he spends on her in the books. :)


Can someone please explain to me where the characters got the money for such a lavish honeymoon? And don't any of them go to school ever or work a part time job? I suppose the fascination with these films are soley based on the characters looks because the storyline is ridiculous at best.


Cnt wait... I just hope she would continue the saga with renesme and jacob


love this movie love edward


i cant wait to see this movie

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