Dwight Howard Rolls Over Royce Reed in Court

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Some good news for Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard, whose team just went down 3-1 to the Atlanta Hawks - he won a HUGE lawsuit against his baby mama.

Of course, if you're suing the mother of your child at all, there's a limit to how "good" you can consider things. Still, a $500,000 judgment? Holla!

Dwight sued Royce Reed for talking smack about him, and was awarded $500,000. Shockingly, she hasn't paid up, so he's going after her in California.

Dwight and Royce

Howard won the judgment against Royce Reed because she violated a court order, prohibiting the Basketball Wives star from talking about him in the press.

Dwight claims Reed now owes him $551,606.74 with interest.

So far, he's gotten nada from Reed. Unwilling to let bygones be bygones, he's now filed in California court for the right to go after her ass(ets )in California.

Of course, that implies she has any there.

Ronald eversley

he aint taking nothing from his child and he aint trying to keep her down either...if he is taking from his child and she cant raise that kid she need to give custody up to him...if they had an agreement she should of honored that or pay the fuckin price!!


Aries: I don't know if your a man or a woman but please shut the hell up before you say something. She was wrong for doing what she did and she is using the baby for a big payday and that crap isn't cool. She tried to play D Howard as a sucka and thought she was going to get away with it but guess what she got played and got her bank account frozen and everything else taken from her. This is a lession to all those golsdiggers out there. If your going to play somebody for their money expect to get played. These days there are to many womans outhere that think they can get away with stupid stuff. Take to the cleaners D Howard.


THe thing about this is that royce is childish as hell. Look at the finale of b ball wives. She is one silly broad.something has to be done before she continues to ruin his career. Yes he feel prey and got her preggers..but he knew what to do after that..shut her silla azz up..she thought she could take him to bank..oops insufficient funds royce..


This is sad, it seems like some underlying issue is going on (jealousy or something) $500,000 is a bit much for your babymama to pay. I mean yea something should get done about her not keeping up her part of the deal but hell most celebrity dont come out the pocket this much when they get busted on worser crimes. I am just saying this dont feel right the punishment is a little too harsh for the crime.


Hell, she can't be talking about him too much. Not too many people even realize that she is the mother of his child.


This is absolutely rediculous. Being a parent does not mean you have to be a greedy gold digger. Everyone ones to pass the blame when most of these women got together with the men for the wrong reasons. All he needs to do is take care of his son. Single mothers survive on less and raise well rounded children. Get to being a parent and stop bouncing your ass all over. you tube and TV. She was a so called dancer who got in for the money anyway trying to see who would bite first. Women need to stop defending and own up to when bull shit is being done. No wonder they run to the other side who can blame them sometimes. TELL THE TRUTH!!!


It's amazing that (SOME) woman feel they shouldn't treated unfairly, denied fair pay or education because they r women! They shouldn't be objectified, discriminated against or belittled because they r women! Also they shouldn't be attacked abused or talked down too, because they r woman. However if those same women commit any of those same said acts against a man they feel they should not be held accountable or retaliated against. WHY??? Because they r woman. Quite interesting dont u think?


@LoLo: Nope. Child support is supposed to be for the child, it can't be taken for any debt of the parent to anyone. I'm not sure how I feel on this one. On one hand it's a straight up contract case. She broke her end of the deal so pay up. On the other hand they have a child together and really need to quit this petty shit and put him first. They are both wrong but he's taken the legal path and I don't know what her path is but it does not seem in the best intrest of her child or herself. Get over yourselves and be good parents!


It takes a low person to take money away from his bm. I'm sorry but think about who this is really hurting, that innocent baby. I'm sorry its time to grow up.


She's stupid, all she had to do was sit back & count the support checks & keep her mouth shut. It's not always the woman that's right. Can't they just deduct monthly from his child support for the amount she owes him ?

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