Dr. Arnold Klein Pulls 180, Says Michael Jackson Did NOT Have Gay Affair With Jason Pfeiffer

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Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson's former dermatologist and close friend, has now changed his story about MJ's alleged relationship with Jason Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer, Klein's one-time office manager, claimed last year that he had a sexual relationship with Michael Jackson, an assertion that Klein corroborated.

Klein said that Jason Pfeiffer was the only man Michael was ever intimate with, and that Jason was "the love of [MJ's] life." Now? He says otherwise.

Arnold Klein Pic

Pfeiffer met Jackson when he used to work for Klein.

On his Facebook page, Klein (above, left) says that "Allegations about ... Jason being Michael Jackson's lover are ridiculous. That story was made up ... "

It did seem a little far-fetched at the time, although, given that Klein personally backed Jason's story up to TMZ, it's hard to know what to believe here.

Klein also scoffs at allegations (indirectly made by Dr. Conrad Murray and others) that he contributed to MJ's death, saying he only tried to help him.

"I made two interventions on Michael's Propofol Abuse myself."


LOL it's NOT hard to know what to believe. The story was full of holes and reeked of desperation from the get-go. They changed their original story a bunch of times... 1st claiming that he was dating for a year, then later, they said it was only for 2 months - 1 month of which Klein/Pfeiffer were on vacation TOGETHER, lol. Klein is bankrupt, which is why he sold the story to TMZ, the Sun, and Extra. It all boils down to MONEY, as usual. If anyone bought it in the first place, it says more about them/their intelligence/their preconceived notions about MJ than it does about the authenticity of the story itself.


I never believed this story anyway but I'm glad Klein finally told truth.


And another thing i also think he is a jealous ass piece of shit mike did have a lot of friends who envy him in his life ? Bysides being a attention whore and complusive lair y did he do it? I think jealousy plays a role in this as well .


Thats not the only thing porky pig is lying about he didnt fathered prince and paris mike is the bio father they look just like him. I look at many photo of porky pig and Prince he looks nothing like him. They have mike features the wide nose and puffy lips shape of face eyes all match mike minus the color and afro that where debbie gene comes in . Can't ppl c he's a lair and can't be taken seriously not only that his a attention whore . I wonder y he admit now the whole damn thing wasnt true could it be gulit ? If so I hope that gulit kicks his ass.


This is just one LIE told on MJ out of the thousands over the years! All for Money! Disgusting vultures.


SEE... Now telling the truth isnt so bad!

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