Donnie Wahlberg Finds Fan a New Kidney on Twitter

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We normally associate celebs Tweeting with funny, insightful or utterly vapid thoughts. In this case, though, one star used it to save a fan's life.

Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block and Blue Bloods fame was able to reach out to his followers and find a new kidney for a very sick fan.

A tweet from the fan's best friend who was trying to raise awareness about the girl's critical situation, because one of her kidneys was failing fast.

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Donnie re-tweeted the link to his 183,000 followers, asking for help ... prompting a barrage of phone calls to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

According to the Boston Herald, the deluge of calls yielded not one, but six matches for Bobbette Miller, who is now scheduled for a transplant in June.

All in 140 characters or less. Great story, right?



I wonder if the organ donors are going to get the same recognition as the new kid on the block.


This is a great way to use your fame. I wish more famous people would do things like this, to help others. I hope that both surgeries are a success.


Sigh, I have always loved me some Donnie. Now I just have one more reason to do so.


Walhberg deserves a prize for giving away a kidney that's not his.


I have always loved Donnie! I am on dialysis and need a transplant as well. When I read of people helping others find a kidney it always touches my heart and gives me hope. Hope that one day I too can get the kidney I need so I can live a normal healthy life with my kiddos!! Way to go Donnie!!!


That's awesome! I wish both recipent and donor fast recovery and good health! Donating a kidney, to a stranger no less, is a wonderful and selfless act. Perhaps because of this some of those who were not a match for ths girl will be able to help somene else. And all of that came from just a tweet. Wow. Nice reminder of the good in the world.


Real class guy, real class Actor, The screen and the Tube need more!


Donnie is such an AMAZING person! He deserves every good thing that goes his way! And so does his family.

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