Donald Trump on Possible White House Run: The Country Needs Me!

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Donald Trump recently sat down with CNN's Candy Crowley about his possible 2012 presidential run and why the country needs him. Some highlights:

  • He has a common sense mentality.
  • He "stirs the pot" because he tells it like it is.
  • He has name recognition because of SUCCESS.
  • Mitt Romney is basically a "small business guy."
  • The Trump Organization is BIG, strong and more powerful than you KNOW.
  • He has an ability to build HUGE NET WORTH and will put that to use for US!

What do you think? Should Trump run?


lmao :))). Can you imagine this guy becoming the next president? It's ridiculous! He makes George Bush shine in a better light.


There are no bells ringing in the Trump casinos for losers, he pays out big for winners and throws losers out the door. That is the way Trump will run the nation as president. His main job will be in getting rid of deadbeats. His presidential approval ratings will depend on how fast he fires them and boots them out the door.

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