Donald Trump: Obama Not Ivy League Material

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Donald Trump has broadened his criticism of President Barack Obama.

Not only does the real estate mogul question Obama's birth certificate and thus his U.S. citizenship, Trump says the President is an intellectual lightweight.

In an interview Monday, Trump called Obama "a poor student" who did not deserve to be admitted to the prestigious Ivy League universities he attended.

Trump, mulling a bid for the GOP presidential nomination, offered no proof of this but said he would continue pressing it - and the birth certificate talk.

The President of the United States of America

"I heard he was a terrible student, terrible. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then Harvard?" Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press.

"I'm thinking about it, I'm looking into it. Let him show his records."

Obama graduated from Columbia University in New York in 1983 with a degree in political science after transferring from Occidental College in California.

Barack went on to Harvard Law School, where he graduated magna cum laude 1991 and was also the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.

Obama's campaign did not release his college transcripts, and in his memoir,
Dreams From My Father, Obama indicated he wasn't always an academic star.

Trump posited in the interview that Obama's refusal to release his college grades were part of a larger pattern of concealing information about himself.

"I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can't get into Harvard," Trump said. "We don't know a thing about this guy. A lot of questions are unanswered about our president."

A spokeswoman for Obama's re-election campaign declined to comment.

The reality star, who mentioned his potential bid on Celebrity Apprentice this week, has been calling for Obama to release his long form birth certificate.

The State of Hawaii has released a certificate of live birth indicating Obama was born there on August 4, 1961, but that has not quelled "birther" critics.

The controversy has dominated the early stage of the 2012 GOP nominating contest, with Trump leading the charge and benefiting in Republican polls.

"I have more people that are excited that I reinvigorated this," Trump said, adding "the last guy (Obama) wants to run against is Donald Trump."

Trump is scheduled to travel to the early primary states of New Hampshire and Nevada this week and will make a final decision about a bid by June.

What do you think? Should Trump run?

Are these claims by Trump racist?



@ Free Britney, Continued appreciation for the "get this look photos."


Shut the Eff Up, Trump! Obama is extremely intelligent as said by Bill are fluke billionaire!


"I heard he was a terrible student, terrible. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then Harvard?" The same way an idiot gets to become a wealthy millionaire in the U.S today. It's all about having been part of the 5% richest of America for the last 30 years. Their income and wealth has exploded. I mean look at the statistics for crying out loud!!
Or won't they show those....???


"how often do you wipe your ass obama? hey obama how big is your penis? i heard you jack off to lesbian porn obama" seriously wtf is wrong with this trump clown? is he that intent on learning every single detail of obamas life? i think trump might have a crush on him or something cuz this guy is obsessed. in some states birth certificates are called certificate of live birth, seriously look it up. mine is my legal original copy from california even & it says certificae of live birth. obama isnt showing it again cuz he already has! i wish we had a competent president too but trump needs to stop with all this stupidity...


If he keeps actin like this all his fake is gonna fall off. Stop the hihglits granpa!


Seriously this old goat needs to get a life. What's his probleme aren't u worried about the economy? Why don't you shut ur stinking mouth and do somthing about will be a grave mistake if this old hagg is elected is this old fool gonna relate to people when his got them phobia.he is in an occult society that's why he can't shake peoples hands. Now he claims to knw how to run the affairs of the country better.I pray for y'all who support him


What a leader trump would make, it's ok as an american to attack The Commander in Chief, it's ok to be morally superior, I remember when he took him wife and kids to Aspen for a ski trip and also brought Marla his lover. It's ok to be a business guru, just file for bankruptcy in 1991,92,04 and 09. We don't have to worry were he was born because as far as I know ducks are hatched.


Don't know what the GOP would do if it came down to Palin vs. Trump. I'm guessing hair and boobs would become a factor then.


Seriously, Trump needs to just shut the hell up. He's such an idiot.
I am so glad that if he gets voted President that I will be living in another country! God Bless Being In the Military!!!


Hmmm whats next? Trumps next platform " I heard obama has a small penis, why won't he expose himself to the American people, what's he hiding?" Trump needs to shut up. If he had anything important to say he wouldn't be slinging mud. He knows that he can't run on his own merits.

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