Demi Lovato Admits: I Have Bipolar Disorder

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Demi Lovato is continuing to open up about her recent stint in rehab and the basis for her stay there.

First, the singer/actress admitted she's battled an eating disorder for years, later adding that she's cut herself since the age of 11 and is leaving Sonny with a Chance to battle these demons.

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Now, the 18-year is opening up again to the public, making an admission to People: "I never found out until I went into treatment that I was bipolar," she tells the magazine. "There were times when I was so manic, I was writing seven songs in one night and I'd be up until 5:30 in the morning."

Last week, Catherine Zeta-Jones sought professional help for the same disease, as Demi Tweeted her support of that star. She says she's taking positive steps in her life to turn things around.

"I feel like I am in control now where my whole life I wasn't in control... What's important for me now is to help others."



Bipolar is so overdiagnosed it's not even funny. In most cases it's little more than people who feel sorry for themselves crying about how difficult their lives are and begging for undeserved attention. And now this little up-and-coming porn star, Demi, is beating that drum to extend her 15 minutes of fame. In my opinion, she stopped a little short with all that cutting she speaks of -- she should have slit both wrists right before she cut off her own head. That would have been the ultimate cry for attention and she clearly dropped the ball!


I cam really understand demi. I'm currently going through the steps to control what I have. Web though my doctors aren't sure I'm I'm bipolar. I know how Demi is and what she wet thru and knowing I can always find comfort that im not alone. I believe bipolar is not a desiese. It's not contagious. We his behave differently. I'm gonna fight this with her.


Having a bipolar family member makes me really understand what demi is going thru. My niece also got bullied as a kid and cuts herself. She also is a college grad and teacher at a dental school. Demi having the strength to tell her story is very brave and couragous and if it helps just person its a great thing.


u fuken people r so insensitive, it takes alot for these young actors to come out.... if she was just another ramdon person yall wudnt give to shits to even speak ur mind.. so shut the fuk up and wish this chick the best!!! top comments are jealousy and envy at its worst!! fuk u whiney lil bitches!!!!


Oh, BOO-HOO-HOO!! Someone please cram a huge cock in this whiney little bitch's mouth to shut her the fuck up already! Unbelieveable the way she's completely fucked up her career at only 18-years-old. I can't wait until she finally makes the transition into porn films and is paid $300 day-rates to take shots of hot man-goo across the gullet.


i dont wanna sound like a dick or anything cuz its totally good to see someone who has problems get help for them. she just seems to have a different disorder every week and sounds like every other cookie cutter celebrity who goes into rehab and coming out thinking they're totally cured. she should still be in treatment if there still finding problems with her......and i think someone needs to tackle they're own demons before they start talking about how there main goal should be to help people. this whole thing sounds totally bi polar...she has a different problem and a different cure every other week.


oh, poor demi! hope u go through this strongly


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