Delusional Lindsay Lohan: This is a Witch Hunt!

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Here she goes again. Poor, innocent Lindsay Lohan feels she is the victim of a witch hunt by D.A. Danette Myers and wants the prosecutor off her case.

Will she get her wish?

The Deputy D.A., who is running for L.A. County District Attorney, actually asked the judge for the same thing last week, but Meyers was denied.

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Sources in contact with Lindsay say the star, who was just sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating probation, believes she's being exploited.

Lohan feels she's become a living, breathing press release for Meyers, but this is probably just another case of her whining and making excuses.

First, Meyers herself asked off the case - it was the judge who said the D.A. can still prosecute it (rather than transferring it to the city attorney).

Second, Meyers has prosecuted hundreds of big cases and is quite well respected, so nailing Lohan for misdemeanor theft isn't some HUGE deal for her.

Essentially, Lindsay is pissed that Meyers is a thorn in her side, but she's just dong her job, and Lohan wouldn't have this problem if she'd get her $h!t together.

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Stop giving her this attention and publicity, she needs to learn her lesson the hard way. There are several actresses out there who are able to replace her. What has she done that is so great? She does not contribute to our society. She does not make movies that inspire good in people. She now wants to play the Gotti's. We need to glamourize the mob more. PLease let her go to jail. Tell the press to look toward good people to write about.


Why do the people in this coutry care so much about this spoiled BRAT??????????


Not a witch hunt Lindsay. It's a criminal hunt and you've committed crimes, so grow up, shut up and pay for them - just like a big girl does.


@ D: Stand corrected - the saying actually is "thorn in the side." Or, in your case, DICK IN THE ASS. Ease the fuck up, man! The guys who throw this mind-numbing bullshit together aren't trying to put together literary pieces; they're essentially taking a big hunk of shit, throwing it into a grinder and another hunk of shit is pressed out the other end. Stop taking it all so seriously. At the end of the day, all of this celeb news is all a big hunk of shit, regardless of where it comes from.


oh no poor THING


Its a thorn in her flesh not side. Where did you guys learn english from, Brit? Always proof read pls....


I am so sick of Lohan whining and crying all the time. Just suck it up and take your punishment. She thinks she should be able to do as she pleases and never have to have any consequences for her actions. Spoiled brat.


i just say put her in the damn jail and lock her up and throw the damn f key away she is a loser anyway


Nice, Team Me! I'm really diggin' your work, so much that I think you ought to change your name to DOUBLE TEAM ME and then follow suit with your name and actually come double team me with one of your hot friends. Seriously, though, you wouldn't have to bring a friend. In regards to this post, I'd like to see someone slap that Deputy D.A. in the face with a fucking shitty diaper!


@Team Me - Wow. You really got us there. BAM. Team Me 1, THG 0.