Charlie Sheen Ticket Sales Tanking Hard

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Charlie Sheen "plays" Cleveland tonight. Tickets are still available. A lot of them.

The first show of his Torpedo of Truth tour was such a historic debacle, a huge number of people dumped tickets to future dates onto the secondary market.

Also, a large number of tickets remain unsold at all, even after Sheen redeemed himself (sort of) with a better-received Chicago performance (below).

According to online exchanges, the average ticket to Sheen’s upcoming Radio City Music Hall date went for between $125-$150 last week on its website.

Yesterday, that average sale price sank to $80. Today, $50. An Orchestra seat at Radio City can now be had for as little as $24, far, far below face value.

Not that Sheen likely cares.

“I already got your money, dude,” he told a Detroit fan who booed him. “You paid your hard-earned money without knowing what this show was about.”

At least fewer people will be making that mistake now.


What a worthless hell bound piece of crap this subhuman is. He is a spoiled punk with all this money and does nothing good for the less needy. He parties and has sex. That's it! Sad! You have all these physically disabled people with beautiful souls who are a hundred more of a man that sheen. He appreciates nothing. He buys worthless porn stars bentleys. That's his charity. Makes my stomach turn.


Can he even sing or dance? Check out the wonder twins, they can sing and dance and are funny! And subscribe okay...


WTF did people think they would see if they bought tickets to this? Even if Sheen were sane he is still only an actor. He has no original talent as a one man show and never has. He is (or was) OK at acting and reciting lines written for him by others but,when being himself and doing "live" work he always sucked which is why his handlers and management never let him do it. His ego and mental illness may make him think he is important and has a lot to say but to the rest of the world he is nothing more than a crazed trainwreck who we almost (but not quite given his attitude and issues) feel sorry for. Get over yourself Sheen, you have children who deserve better than this egotistical bullshit. You are not that big of a deal. Put yor kids first for one freakin' moment, and act like a damn adult for their sake,so that they may have a chance to grow up knowing their father loved them enough to put their needs first. Selfish, egotistical jerk!


I think part of the problem is that the tickets were sold during all of the crazy hoopla. Now that it's died down and people came back down to earth they are regretting getting caught up in all of it. Too much time lapsed between Sheen's famous rants and the actual tour. But, they DID pay for it so they get what they get.


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