Charlie Sheen: Dumped By Bree Olson Via Text!

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Charlie Sheen is down to just one goddess after Bree Olson slash Rachel Oberlin peaced out of their little arrangement and did the breaking up via text.

Olson and fellow goddess Natalie Kenly, had been accompanying the actor on his 20-city "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option" tour.

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Their role was to offer up their talents, a.k.a. long, girl-on-girl kisses onstage, as well as companionship for the star. But Bree apparently had enough.

Bree Olson (left) has left the building. This time for good.

During his show in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., yesterday, Sheen answered a fan's question about how he and his pair of goddesses were doing these days.

"Not well, because one left," Charlie said, then wished Olson well, while admitting that her goodbye arrived via text message, the N.Y. Post reports.

This isn't the first time Olson was questioned on separating from Charlie, or even the second. But it sounds like this breakup is actually gonna stick.

By #losing a goddess, is one still #winning? Just curious.


i got dumped via text too. he doesnt wish her well, he wishes she falls into a well.


This is not news per se'. The young woman eventually realized that Sheeny's misogamy, hostility, & neurotic behavior were a bit too much for her to continue with.
Even prostitutes have a limit & she obviously reached hers. After all this is really just a middle-aged rich guy with half his teeth who is seriously mentally disturbed.


This picture looks like a guy with his daughters. Ick. And they both look about 16. Double ick.


so sorry chalie ooww.... that was awful (break up via txt) if she even dares to come back sheen shd smash her ass hard


Charles you are better off without that porn star whore, who doesnt believe in God, now get the rest of the leaches and bad people out of your life, so you can bet back on track, before its too late!!!

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