Charlie Sheen Declares Legal War on Brooke Mueller, Wants Full Custody of Bob and Max

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In the wake of his former wife's recent troubles, Charlie Sheen is moving to gain full custody of his two children with Brooke Mueller, Bob and Max.

He's not stopping there, either. Charlie is declaring legal war on Brooke and will not only ask a judge for full custody, but to cut off child support.

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Sheen has been paying her $55,000 per MONTH to support the twin sons, who were born after the couple's 2008 wedding (they split this winter).

Charlie's lawyer, Mark Gross, just gave Brooke Mueller's attorneys notice that he's going to court tomorrow to try to change the custody arrangement.

Gross says he'll ask the judge to strip Brooke of both legal and physical custody, on grounds that Brooke has relapsed and checked back into rehab.

If the judge does give Charlie full custody, Gross wants the judge to terminate his obligation to pay Brooke $55,000 a month in child support.

After all, she would no longer be incurring those expenses. Sheen (and presumably the goddesses) would be handling the parenting. Shudder.

Brooke's lawyers are planning their own offensive, though, also asking the judge for full custody. They also Charlie to be psychologically evaluated.

That sound you hear is of it being ON. And potentially high and unstable. Imagine if Charlie Sheen is deemed the safer of two parenting options ...


Yeah Charlie fight back for your children man! And don't give Brooke Mueller anymore money.I can see you're going in the right direction, as for Brooke Mueller...she's still in junkyland.


My God. Give me those babies. They'd be safer with a total stranger than with either of those two. Charlie Sheen and the goddesses raising children. Epic. Both boys could have rock star lifestyles with 7 gram rocks of cocaine just like daddy!!!


And wasn't he telling an interviewer he was broke a couple of weeks ago. He acknowledged he made $1.5 million per show (Two and a Half Men), but said "sure but I didn't save any." pfffttt So where'd he get the $$$ for an attorney for this court case?


Any judge who would give him custody, or even unsupervised visitation, should have THEIR head examined. Both he and Mueller are unfit to be parents of those beautiful children, she because of drug use and he because he's totally mental.


God will take of you kids,there is nothing impossible,if the parent choose to be irresponsible,it's their luck.May help them.


None of them should be entitled to custody of these two adorable children. They are both USERS AND LOSERS.


Those poor children. Neither parent seems capable of looking after them.


I feel bad for the boys. Horrible parents.


The most reasonable thing to do would be for Sheeny to have a psychological evaluation and the SAME level of supervised drug testing as Mueller. BOTH are drug uses. Sheeny however displays a "unique" element of communication & possible manic episodic affect. He is NOT a fit parent a she had essentially shirked his responsibilities previously, which the authorities had seen to the point of granting custody via Mueller's home. The fact remains that she is no longer a reasonably fit parent as her numerous admittance to drug treatment facilities show.
Sheeny on the other hand has ALSO shown a serious history of drug / alcohol treatment failures, domestic violence, and a bizarre involvement with manic episodes & the "911 Truth" movement"......which is a strong clinical indicator after such rebuttals as: They are BOTH unfit parents as any low income crack addicts. Why should the poor be the only ones who face a judge?

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