Charlie Sheen Declares Legal War on Brooke Mueller, Wants Full Custody of Bob and Max

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In the wake of his former wife's recent troubles, Charlie Sheen is moving to gain full custody of his two children with Brooke Mueller, Bob and Max.

He's not stopping there, either. Charlie is declaring legal war on Brooke and will not only ask a judge for full custody, but to cut off child support.

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Sheen has been paying her $55,000 per MONTH to support the twin sons, who were born after the couple's 2008 wedding (they split this winter).

Charlie's lawyer, Mark Gross, just gave Brooke Mueller's attorneys notice that he's going to court tomorrow to try to change the custody arrangement.

Gross says he'll ask the judge to strip Brooke of both legal and physical custody, on grounds that Brooke has relapsed and checked back into rehab.

If the judge does give Charlie full custody, Gross wants the judge to terminate his obligation to pay Brooke $55,000 a month in child support.

After all, she would no longer be incurring those expenses. Sheen (and presumably the goddesses) would be handling the parenting. Shudder.

Brooke's lawyers are planning their own offensive, though, also asking the judge for full custody. They also Charlie to be psychologically evaluated.

That sound you hear is of it being ON. And potentially high and unstable. Imagine if Charlie Sheen is deemed the safer of two parenting options ...


I hate to say this but Charlie Sheen can barely take care of himself.?


the custody needs be decided on what is best for the children
not who is more famous or has more money
both the parents have issues with drugs and alcohol and need
to seek treatment for that if they can't even take care of themselves then why should they be given children to take care of?
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All 1 has to do is watch Maury or Jerry Springer and somehow Charlie don't seem sooo bad!! A lot of these dil and hoes have kids on the show...yet, they are parents. God loved Charlie enough to give him children, he should have the privelege of raising them!!


Reb R, you are judgemental..there's probably worse than Charlie Sheen raising children. And 2 mommies, these lucky kids!!


Charlie needs the $55,000 a month. He himself or someone said he had squandered all his money. but for $55,000 a month he can probably do as well caring for them as a druggie. They are his children!!


The children are already predisposed to a poor fate into adulthood. First, the mother and father did drugs before, during and after conception of Max and Bob. The genetic makeup of poisonous drugs is already 100%. Second, being twins, a disadvantage is over hyeractivity, learning disabilities, and attention deficit to name a few. Third, growing up in the environment of erratic behavioral parenting in combination with drug induced parental decision making and mental disorders running rampant in daily living, one can only hope there is still a 1% chance of overcoming the founded odds they have against them. Environmental predisposition is the only variable that can be controlled if the children are removed. "Bi winning" is not an option.


I hope the state of California assigns a guard ad litem for these kids to help decide where they go or give them to their grandparents. I doubt the court will find Charlie's living arrangement suitable for children. Saying crack is okay to use recreationally won't get him any points with a judge. He is delusional if he thinks a judge will give him those kids.


Ofcourse he's saying he's broke. Would you want to pay $55,000 a month for child support? He's an idiot pshychopath, but he's not stupid. That man has money, don't fall for that


Too funny bonnie! Your right, heck i'd take em. Somebody has to care about their welfare. Giving them to either Charlie Or Brooke would be like putting the muzzle of a gun to their heads. Dangerous!!!


Okay, why is there even a debate going on whether or not he or Brooke should get the children? These poor kids, a mother for a junkie and a dad for a junkie and a psycho. They both suck as people, parents, and human beings. So the junky can't get them but the "Sheen" can? Give me a break. He let the whole world see the full extent of his pshychosis and he actually feels fit to raise them? What ignoramace judge will even grant him custody? Surely there is someone else in that family who is more nurturing and suitable to be parents and role models. We'll just end up destroying two innocent people and they'll grow up being menaces to society such as they're father. We are a product of our environment, those kids need a chance to be well adjusted adults

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