Charlie Sheen: Big Failure in The Big Apple

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Charlie Sheen took his live tour to Radio City Music Hall last night.

And while the reception was not nearly as vitriolic as the one he received while bombing in Detroit, fans didn't exactly give the actor a Cleveland-like standing ovation, either.

Charlie Sheen in Chicago

Taking the stage a few hours after allegedly sending Denise Richards a threatening email that said he'd continue to bash her unless she returned his canine, Sheen donned Yankee attire during his set and was greeted warmly at first.

But things quickly turned sour, as he referred to Richards as a "dognapper" and was booed when he said he had quit drugs. (Seriously, people?!?)

Aside from the usual drivel, Sheen did make news by actually inviting
Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre to his next performance and making it clear he wants to return.

“Of course, I want my job back so you guys can keep watching the best f-cking sitcom in the world," he told the crowd, many of whom had already left at this point, the show ending 30 minutes prior to its original schedule.

We just wanna assure Charlie of one thing: he has nothing to worry about. We're gonna keep watching Modern Family no matter what he does.



I completely agree with freespirit114. They booed Sheeny becasue they through he was LYING about quitting drugs. They also booed him because they see this man as a potentially talented individual who has all the advantages one could hope for and pissed them away! He essentially has very little talent for stand-up (or sit-down) comedy...or for that matter even entertaining banter unless it's scripted.
The sign in the venue that said "heckling" would not be tolerated is VERY reveling. A real talent would NEVER be put off by the true reaction of an audience.
The sad thing is that this man's end will come & he would have had all the methods to rise from the ashes, but his narcissism will forever prevent that.


i am still baffled as to why people are paying money to see this clown . i guess in a sense he IS #winning cause they are still lining his pockets .


He was likely booed when he said he quit drugs not because people approve of them but because they thought he was lying. Really,it is hard to imagine a clean and sober person spouting this crap and acting this way. But if he in fact is clean then it is almost worse because the way he is acting shows a severe mental decline and perhaps a personality disorder. And personality disorders are near impossible to treat or cure. The man needs serious help he won't get because he is unable to accept the idea that anything is wrong with him. He believes everything bad that happens to him is someone elses fault and that he is wonderful,brilliant, better and smarter than everyone and deserves more than everyone. He is wrong.


Charlie sounds homesick for Two And A Half Men. It won't be long before he's grovelling an apology.
Think about it: He fucked up on what is possibly the best job in the world for a guy of his age and ability. He was the star on a hit show, his character was a womaniser who got to sleep around with numerous different and gorgeous women every show (Not to mention the fact that he was probably putting the moves on all of them once the cameras stopped rolling, and you'd be a fool to think a few of them didn't take him up on his offer), and he was getting paid a bucket load of cash for it...correction: A Truck Full Of Cash.
Those were the days, Charlie. Those were the days.


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