Brooke Mueller Will NOT Take a Drug Test!

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The troubled Brooke Mueller just refused to submit to a court-ordered drug test.

Anytime "refused" and "court-ordered" are in the same sentence? Not good.

Sources say Brooke has fallen off the wagon lately, culminating when she was spotted at a pawn shop Friday trying to hawk a watch and a stereo.

That would be sad enough, but under her custody settlement agreement with Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller is required to submit to drug testing.

Sheen's Ex

Brooke in more sober times. Well, presumably.

A test was scheduled for 6 p.m. yesterday. The people came to her home with the test, but her lawyer, Ron Rale, told them she wasn't taking it.

It's unclear if Brooke was present at the time, or if she is still MIA. But either way, under the settlement, a refusal is considered a dirty test.

It's also unclear what Charlie and his lawyer will do now. But he's already warned her that you don't mess with a Warlock and expect to win.

The plan for Charlie, according to sources close to the situation, is to ask the court for the temporary custody of the boys if Mueller goes to rehab.

He's concerned for Brooke, but his first priority is the boys' safety. Can you imagine Charlie Sheen as the SAFER of two options? Actually possible!

Stay tuned to the second craziest celebrity news story of the weekend (the fight that got Nicolas Cage arrested takes the cake) as it unfolds ...


Brooke Mueller is giving someone intense competition for the title of Gross Baboon. Can you guess the celebutard? Find out who's 15 minutes are quickly fizzling away @imeanwhat


If you happen to read carefully, the Dept. of Probation came to HER home: that's a rare thing as generally they call & the individual has to go down to test; so she's getting special treatment to begin with......but no matter: that's much less important than her refusal. Cocaine does not stay in the system for a lengthy period. It actually is one of the shortest half-lifes of most drugs of abuse. That means that she used a VERY short time from the Request. Those little children haven't got a chance!Whether it's a biological parent or whatever; that type of craziness will affect those kids sooner than most people would expect.


How does one just refuse to do something court ordered? Those poor little boys! I mean really, did she not just get out of rehab a little while ago? There are 2 children with, in essence, no parents! She knows that this will effect her children and does not care? Disgusting!


Drugs are taking down rich people now, but we don't care. We just like to point fingers, judge and laugh. Meanwhile, on the other side of the border an entire nation has been taken over by the irresistable force of billion dollars drug trafficking business because it can't stop the giant sucking sounds of drugs being consumed here. But, Americans act like they are stupid or brain dead.


she's just as pathetic as her ex- husband. The only real people you feel sorry for are the children.

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